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Life Touch Photo

Life Touch Photo
(We paid for the rights! We didn't steal!)

Lois and Len with Mic

Len and Lois @ Donna's 80th - Molly Silvernale Photography 2012

Len and Lois New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve

Len and Lois Giving Blood

Len and I would love to encourage everybody to give blood. According to the statistic that I heard some time ago. "90% of the population will require blood in their lifetime. 10% of the population gives blood." Probably we won't be pulling anybody out of a burning building anytime soon, but nevertheless, we are saving lives. You can too! :)

Len and Lois Playing

Len's song 'Don't Awaken Me' written and recorded in 1962 played after MaMa Carter's funeral, when Johnny went back to his old partying days. That's Len singing when Johnny pulls June on his lap. It was amazing to hear Len sing in a movie in 2013! Is that cool, or what?


"Foolish Pride" in "Let Your Guard Down" (6-2019) GPS
"Imune to Love" in "Legends of Tomorrow 410"  (4-2019) Crucial                     “Take Some Love” in “IS SOMEONE THERE?”  (1-2019)  GPS

"What Did I Do?" in "PIG"  (12-11-2018)  Crucial Movie
"What Did I Do?" in "HARD LOCK LOVE SONG" (11-10-2018)  GPS
"What Did I Do?" in  "TO THE STARS"  (12-18-2018)   GPS Film
"Immune to Love"  in "BETTER CALL SAUL"  (8-24-18)  Crucial TV
"Immune to Love" in "TRIAL AND ERROR"   (7-12-2018)    Crucial TV
"Foolish Pride" in "GOTHAM" Episode 16  March 29, 2018  GPS  TV

"What Did I Do?" in GRAVES" 207 November 26, 2017  Crucial TV
"What Did I Do?" in "THE GOOD DOCTOR" 107 11/20/2017  Crucial TV
"Don't Awaken Me" in "BLINDSPOT:  Season 3, Ep. 3  "Upside Down"  GPS  TV
"Take Some Love" in "ONCE THERE WAS A WINTER" (2017) Crucial Movie
"Take Some Love" in "ELVIS LIVES" (2017)    GPS TV 

"Take Some Love" in "THE PATH" Episode 2009 (2016)  Crucial  TV
“What Did I Do?” in “GHOSTHUNTER” (2016)   GPS TV
“Take Some Love” in “SINISTER SQUAD” (2016) GPS  Movie
"TakeSome Love" in "BADSVILLE" (Independent Movie/Internet 3-16)

"What Did I Do?" in "THE PERFECT GUY" (Sony Pictures Release 9-11-2015)
"Foolish Pride" in "HAND OF GOD 104" (Release 9-4-2015)  TV
"What Did I Do?" in "THE SALTON SEA" (2015)  Movie
"Take Some Love" in HANNIBAL 308" (Release 7-23-2015)  TV
"Take Some Love"  in CABIN FEVER"  (2015 Release Date Unknown)  Movie

“Foolish Pride” in ”MASTERS OF SEX" HBO (8/2014)  TV
“What Did I Do?” in MERCY (10/2014)  Movie

“What Did I Do?” in EPISODE 1406 - “CSI” (2013)  TV
“Don’t Awaken Me” in RING OF FIRE - June Carter Cash Story (2013)  TV

"Immune To Love" in EPISODE 1302 - "CSI"  (2012)  TV
"Immune To Love" in SEASON 1 - EP 1 - "THE MOB DOCTOR" (2012)  TV
"What Did I Do?" in "APART" (2012)

“What Did I Do?” in “CHILLERAMA” (2011)  Movie
“Foolish Pride” in EPISODE 13 “TERRIERS” (2011)  TV

"Take Some Love" & "Immune to Love" in "TAKE ME HOME" (2010)  Movie
"Take Some Love" in EPISODE 8 "MEMPHIS BEAT" (2010)  TV

“Foolish Pride” in “STOLEN” aka “The Boy in The Box” (2009)  Movie
“Immune To Love” in “THE ASSISTANTS” (2009)  Movie
"Take Some Love" in "THE PROPOSAL" (2009)  Movie

All of these songs are available on “TIME OF MY LIFE” album

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The Superior Telegram
Maria Lockwood
June 10, 2009

Daily Telegram, Superior, WI
By: Ron Brochu

News Gazette, Danville, IL
By: Pat Phillips
Living Section, Published: 5-28-07

Iroquis Time Republic 10-07

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