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Who we are

We've been married 58 years and on-the-road 32 of those years playing music. The question most often asked is: "Don't you get tired of the traveling?" And we answer: "No" - God has been so good to us. How many people do you know who work together, play together, sleep together and live together actually love what they do? However, 2012 brought us to a screeching halt. We were in Superior, WI taking care of my brother. He required 24/7 care. My brother Skip passed away February 6, 2014. We continue to do our "Len and Lois" work in the area. Len and I are working at the Hermantown, MN Walmart. Len is the Hardware Associate, and I am a Cashier. Catch up with us at Dreamland Supper Club, So. Range, WI 5-8, on some Thursday nights, or Patti's Dockside, Lake Nebagamon, WI on the third Saturday afternoons 2-5 PM.  We do a few assisted living venues.  Check our Schedule page, or call us at (727) 207-1705 or (218) 606-1670.

We are officially MN residents. :)

Our Mission:

We want to provide entertainment that all people can enjoy without being offended. We want to perform with a volume level that allows for conversation.

Our Music:

Find our music at:  www.YouTubeLenandLois.com

Len and Lois

"Time of My Life" The Len Gehl Collection

Music Len has written with a bonus song by: Len, and Son Lance
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