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I am soooo stoked!  Our NEW website design is amazing...THANK YOU Christina!  You have made Len and I very happy.  I hope everybody loves our website as much as we do.  :)


January 13, 2020

Visited my Dr. this morning.  Will wait a few more days to see if this 'crud' quits.  If not, I'll be getting some antibiotics.  I'm not too excited about that, they always bring me down.  As it is, I'm pretty depressed.  We kind of agreed that the 'crud' and the winter darkness is doing a number on my emotions.  My awful sore throat is gone, my upper respiratory congestion is pretty much gone, but I'm drowning in the mucous.  Ding!  Dong!  I'm so beat...can hardly hold my head up.  

That's enough about me.  Hope your New Year got a better start than mine.  Do be in touch by emailing us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi 

January 5, 2020

Off to a bad start!  Caught a dilly of a cold.  Stayed home from worship.  I could have went, but I didn't want to expose anyone to this crud.  Lucky for me this crud has not sapped my energy,  I even managed to clean my oven, will take our Christmas down today and clear off this desk.

We had an awesome Christmas and New Year.  Just wish I didn't have to have this horrible sore throat.  I'm in my 5th day, so I'm hoping it's half over.  I don't start major whining until the 14th day.  

Our prayers have been focused on Gilman, IL and our dear friends Karen and Austin.  We would ask that you consider sending a prayer, or two.  Health issues and decisions that break one's heart.  God be with them... 

The tree and decorations go up the first Sunday in December.  They come down the first Sunday in January.  That's my plan and I'd better get with the program.  "Time's a wastin' Snuffy."

May God bless you today and throughout the coming year.  Be in touch, OK?  Send us an email:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

Love ya, loi

December 29, 2019

Christmas is over and the New Year is right around the corner.  Still have some letters to write to let loved ones know that we received their messages, pictures, notes and cards.  I love Christmas, especially the lighted tree in the evening, it is so calming.  This year Len and I listened to an amazing array of Christmas music.  We purchased the 2019 "Christmas By The Lake" album with our son's song "The Greatest Christmas Gift". 

We walked through Bentleyville and enjoyed the lights and the little kids.  We chose a night that was super crowded, but that's OK.  Bought ourselves new winter hats.  It was a beautiful night.  Bentleyville is a tour of lights and it is absolutely beautiful.  Google Duluth, MN Bentleyville.  The pictures are gorgeous.  The lift bridge that you see in the background is on our street.  We have to cross it to get on the island.  We live on Park Point.  Many times the lift bridge is up and we are delayed.  A lot of people see that as a bad thing, but Len and I enjoy the ships and the slowing down of our normal pace...full throttle!

Haven't decided to make New Year's Resolutions just yet.  After the Christmas Dinner at Niece Terry's, dinner out at Duluth Grill a gift from Len's Supervisor and the general pigging out on goodies I should commit to losing 10# at least!  We'll see...

We play New Year's Eve at Keystone Assisted Living.  They are so creative.  We start at 11 AM and Noon works for Midnight!  We'll have a good time...if the weather cooperates.  Just now we have a weather warning for the next couple days.  We didn't go to Church today, it was a slushy rain/snow mix.  We were afraid we'd get out and not get back with flooding in Canal Park.  For fun you can Google Duluth, MN Bridge cam or Canal cam.  I had it on all day today to watch the huge waves breaking over the sea walls.  It's quite a sight.

Hope this finds each and every one of you enjoying the sweetness of the season.  God bless you today and throughout the coming year.  Thank you for visiting our website.

Love ya,  loi 

PS  Thanks for staying in touch.

December 8, 2019

Can hardly believe we've got more snow coming tonight and tomorrow!  It's only December, the ground isn't even frozen for crying out loud!  Don't have a choice anyway...oh well.  No taking the car tomorrow...that's really not such a bad thing.  I've got plenty to do to keep my hands and head busy right here at home.  Actually that's not a bad thing at all, I can read a few chapters in the book I'm reading  "American Dreams" by John Jakes.  It's not a page turner, but he is a great story teller and he keeps my interest.  I really don't need to read a book I can't get my nose out of.  I've got way too many irons in the fire.

I've got all my Christmas cards done and out.  No Christmas letter this year, I'm sure noone will mind.  I didn't get all the pictures gathered that I normally do.  All the decorations are done and now the Christmas entertaining begins.  Today we took our sister-in-law out for dinner.  Next Sunday we have my family, The Schier's, here for Christmas Dinner.  I'm not sure what else we will be doing, but will roll with the flow.  I'm pretty relaxed this year.  I have no idea why, but I'm loving it.

We're playing the Eagles in Superior Christmas Party Saturday and Patti's Dockside the following Saturday.  Looking forward to playing Villa Marina Thursday the 12th.  We're Ringing the Salvation Army Bell Thursday the 19th at the Food Court at Miller Hill Mall.  It's a busy month, because we want to visit Bentleyville some snowy evening too.  We love the lights and watching the little kids.  So precious...

We're ringing in the New Year at Keystone at 11 AM!  At Noon we'll be singing Auld Lang Syne.  Just how sweet is that?  Keystone is one of the BEST Assisted Living Facilities.  They love Len and I and we love them too.

On top of that Len works a 40 hour week at Walmart as the Hardware Associate/Cashier/Sports.  I work 32 hours as a Cashier.  This time of year it's just awesome to meet so many people from every walk of life.  You would be amazed at the stories.  Most of the time I'm inspired and entertained.  Then there are those times when my heart breaks for the stories that never seem to have a happy ending.

Our prayer for you and yours this Christmas is that you will experience the peace that only Christ can bring in the humble manger of your heart.  Thank you for visiting our site.  Please let us know that you did.  Email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya,  loi


December 2, 2019

Survived Winter Blizzard Ezekiel, but just barely!  Left work early on Saturday.  When we got home we ate our lunch and watched the weather change.  What a mess!!!  We lost power for just a couple hours, but our landline, internet and TV didn't come back on until this morning at 10 AM ten minutes before Len had to leave for work. We watched old movies, "Family Memories" and played Cribbage.  I think I won one game!  I'm sure Len cheats!  Takes after his mother-in-law! 

The trees have taken a major hit, some of the branches are broken and all of the branches are hanging low with heavy snow.  Our street has not been plowed, our parking lot has been somewhat plowed, none of the sidewalks around our building have been shoveled.  Missouri Ave in front of our building just got plowed late this afternoon.  The grader's front wheels were in the air as the blades tried to push the heavy wet snow off the roadway.  All of the snow had been tamped down by the four wheel vehicles that were able to move during and after the storm.  At the entrance to the street to our building a front end loader scooped up the snow and slushy ice and dumped it into a truck.  The street itself is still uinplowed!  Hope we don't have another round like this one!  Dang!

Got a lot done today.  Worked on Christmas cards, no letter this year.  Probably nobody cares anyway...that's what I'm telling myself.  :)

Thank you for stopping by.  Please let us know that you did by emailing us at:  leandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya,  loi 

November 24, 2019

It's been an interesting month.  A quick trip to IL to enjoy some personal time with our youngest son and his family.  We are so blessed to have such close relationships.  We thank God every day for those sweet friends who keep us in their prayers. 

Planning a trip for March to visit Len's sister in AZ.  Lots of calls and reservations.  Looking forward to the life God has mapped out for us.  

Hope that your lives are clicking along.  Do stay in touch.  God bless you.

Thanks for checking in.  Let us know that you did, OK?  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

Love ya, loi

October 10, 2019

The work has been done on the car.  That's another $700 + out the door.  Ding! Dang!  

A beautiful Sunday drive up the North Shore to Clearwater Grille.  Delicious lunch and beautiful scenery.  It was sunshiney, cloudy and rainy.  Still enjoyed our day off.

Have a ton of stuff to get done as always, but plugging away at it.  I've been working on credit card statements.  Can't seem to get this one balanced.  I've never had trouble before this last summer, now I dread to see it come in.  DANG!! My biggest problem is getting the receipts entered.  Will have to figure out a foolproof way.  Any ideas anyone?

Thank you for stopping by.  Do let us know:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi

October 7, 2019

A beautiful day in Duluth, MN.  I'm beginning to get into the mood of Fall.  A good time to get organized and get some cleaning done.  I'm still messing with Spring cleaning.  You could say that I procrastinate a bit.  :)

Our new to us car that we bought in May needs a rack and pinion!  That work won't get done until Thursday.  I wanted to take Rose out and to lunch today, but that will have to wait until next Monday,  Will try to get through my to do list and make some follow up calls for our Len and Lois work.

Thank you for stopping by.  Do be in touch:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi

September 22, 2019

It's been real!  Received a message from our good friends from Gilman, IL.  How sweet to know that we have so many special people that we've been friends with forever that still care about us.  

Today my elementary school got together for lunch at Dreamland Supper Club, South Range, WI.  There were only 7 of us.  I was very disapointed, but we had so much fun that I will make those calls next year.  Some of us graduated high school together! 

Len and I are enjoying some awesome good times and we're looking forward to Autumn...tomorrow.  You wouldn't believe how beautiful the hills of Duluth are becoming.

Thank you for stopping by.  Do be in touch.  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

It makes our day!!!  God bless you.  Love ya, loi

September 19, 2019

A beautiful day in Duluth, MN...yes...I wish it had been last week when our boys were here, so we could have gone on our scheduled fishing guide trip.  Ding!  Dang!  Having said that, I have to say Len and I are enjoying our day off.

We had an amazing time off with our boys and our girls.  We planned a party for friends and relatives to be with us at Dreamland.  Lance and De were stuck at O'Hare Airport!  They didn't get in until 11 PM!!  Len, Lenny, Tracy and I picked them up at the airport here in Duluth.
Lance and De kept us entertained with their stories of their 12 hours at O'Hare.  I told Lance if I had been at an airport for 12 hours I would not feel the least little bit humored by the experience.

Work was hard to get into aftere the kids left, but it's such a sweet memory.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi 

September 7, 2019

Have to work at Walmart today.  Then I have a wonderful 9 days off to enjoy our family.  Son Lenny and his beautiful wife Tracy will be here Monday.  Can hardly wait.  We will meet Lance and De at the airport Wednesday.  This is going to be an epic week!

Thanks for stopping by.  God bless you today and always.  Love ya, loi

August 25, 2019

It's been a very busy month.  Love the busy-ness of it all.  Looking forward to and planning to have our boys visit us in September.  It will be amazing to all be together again.  I'm looking forward to cooking and laughing.  Laughing is one of the most special things we do when we all get together.  Tracy and De are exceptional young women they both put up with us.  We are sooo blessed.  We've taken the week off to spend time with them...have a fishing trip planned.  Wish us luck!

The first of August we joined my classmates for a reunion at the Shamrock in Superior.  We played for Neighbors Night Out on Park Point the 6th.  August 8th we joined Len's classmates at Bill and Dorothy Lundberg's beautiful home on Lake Nebagamon and played Villa Marina that afternoon where our friend Bill is a resident.  You gotta love Bill, his wonderful sense of humor raises our spirits!  On the 13th we played the Senior Picnic at Tri State Fairgrounds.  The 15th we played St.  Ann's and Patti's in Lake Nebagamon Saturday the 17th.  The Keystone Picnic the 22nd.  We will be back at Dreamland the 29th.  It looks like the last time this season.  Dan and Terry can't get staff for our Thursday night.  The kids are back in school.

So that's about what's been going on.  Thanks for visiting our website.  Please let us know by emailing us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya,  loi 


July 21, 2019

Had a super day celebrating Nephew Leroy's birthday.  We won't talk about age here...just sayin'.  :)  

We've been busy working at Walmart and keeping our life on track.  Most everyone who checks us out knows exactly what that means.  Life is busy...life is crazy and we're knee deep it the mix.  

Our boys are planning on being with us in September.  We are so looking forward to our time together.  

Thank you for stopping by.  Do let us know that you did.  

God bless you.  Love ya,  loi

July 11, 2019

Today my beautiful Mom would have been 111 years old.  She passed in 1979 at the age of 71.  Do I still miss her?  You bet I do!  Every time I hear a great joke I think, "I've got to remember that one to tell Mom."  She was so fun.  I felt really bad after I did some dumb thing.  My Mom said, "Never brag about your kids.  The proof is in the pudding!"  Dang, that one hurt.

We're still having some problems with our new to us car.  Hopefully, that will come to a satifactory solution soon.

We have a busy music month coming up.  We've been chasing our tails with work and celebrating our 58th anniversary.  We ran away overnight to Bad River Casino.  We kind of planned on staying over at Bayfield, but weren't prepared to spend $180.  Had a blast.  Even revisited the scene of the crime of July 4th 1957.  Awesome good times.

Thank you for stopping by.  So much appreciate your emails and comments on Facebook.

Please let us know that you came by.  Email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

Love ya,  loi

June 23, 2019

Busy day planned.  A graduation party and dinner out.  Crazy week!  

We bought our new-to-us car May 17th.  We've just had a 'comedy of errors'.  It looks like the problem was steering fluid...empty!  Kolar Chev put hundreds of dollars into a repair.  They've been extra good to us, but the other day they put their toe in the sand!  I just want to be sure we're driving a safe car.  I keep thinking that if we get into some God-awful accident because of a lack of repair diagnosis I want a record that this car may have been unsafe to drive from the get-go!  OK...record made.

Len managed to break a tooth.  He ended up with a dry socket.  Our Dentist took such good care of him.  The pain is past tense at this point...glad that's over and in the rear view mirror.

We played at the Villa Marina nursing home Thursday.  A friend of Len's from grade school days had a stroke.  It was fun seeing him and entertaining his friends. 

This Thursday we play at Dreamland Supper Club.  One of our favorite jobs.  :)  Sunday the 30th we have Sunday morning worship music at our home church:  Grace Lutheran, Hermantown, MN.  What a special place.

Well, that's it for today.  I wanted to get my desk cleaned off...not making progress there.  Oh well.

Thanks for stopping by.  Do let us know that you did by emailing us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi 


June 16, 2019


Worship at Grace, then Len and I had dinner at Texas Roadhouse...again.  :)  Super relaxing day.  Hope everybody enjoyed their day as much as we did.

Let us know that you visited our site.  Email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless...Love ya, loi 

June 15, 2019

Had an amazing time at Patti's today.  What we do is soooo special.  Thanks God.

Let us know that you visited our website.  Send us an email at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya,  loi

June 9, 2019

Has it only been 7 days?  We went to Texas Roadhouse this afternoon.  No line dancing, but a delicious steak.  

Took possession of our Ford Taurus.  Have an appointment to get the repair work done.  Hope this is the end of that drama.  So ready to get back to the real world.  Right now I'm thinking Kolar Chevrolet is the best dealer on the planet.  They have covered every expense from the get go.  

It's been a circus.  Len broke a tooth.  Our exceptional Dentist Matt at Pike Lake Dental did an amazing job.  Len will go tomorrow morning to see that all is well.

It's been real.  Thanks for stopping by.  Love you guys..  Let us know that you stopped by.  Email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

Love ya,  loi

June 2, 2019

Well, this has been a long stretch.  Believe me it's been crazy...we went away to celebrate my 77th.  When we got back we took possession of a 2008 Ford Taurus X SEL.  Loved it, but wasn't too happy about it being so small.  Having said that, we could get our equipment into it, that's the bottom line.  It's comfortable, we can get it into the garage and it is a perfect car for us.  We bought it at Kolar in Hermantown, MN.  We had it 3 days and had to take it in for major repairs that Kolar paid for.  We took possession of it again overnight and had to take it back for a brake problem.  Hopefully, we will get it back tomorrow or Saturday.  What a circus!!!  

To add insult to injury Len broke a tooth off, so we have that repair to look forward to.  :(

The weather is beginning to cooperate!  Woot!  Woot!  Stopped at the Lawn and Garden center at our Walmart.  Bought some peturnias and a geranium.  Had a relaxing time planting and watering before we went to Mason's 6th birthday party.  Mason is our Goddaughter Ashlie's little one.  So fun to get together with them.  

Had a delicious Steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse before we went to the party.  Didn't line dance with the waiter's and waitresses today.  Ding!  Dang!  They were doing some complicated line dance I had no idea how to do.  :(  I wish they'd go back to the simple Electric Slide.  

I guess that pretty much does it for me tonight.  Thanks for stopping by.  I am so hoping to have a boring and relaxing summer.

Thanks for stopping by.  Let us know that you did, OK?  Email us at:  lenandlois40@ hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi

April 29, 2019

Whew!  It's been real.  We had a blast at Patti's the 20th.  I let loose, and played my bass all over the floor!  Had a friend tell me she took a video, but I haven't seen it.  Hope it materializes in the not to distant future.  I had such a great time.

Had my eyelid lift surgery.  I told everybody I got into a bar fight!  So much fun with the bruises.  It looks a whole lot worse than it actually is.  Now it's getting yellow, and the bruises are mostly settled into the bags of my eyes.  Oh yes, I look cute to say the least!

Len has his L cataract surgery this coming Wednesday.  It's been an every other day trip to the Othomologist.  First me in November, then Len for his R eye, and then me for my surgery, and now him again.  Hopefully by the time my birthday comes around in May we'll both be done:  Len with the drops, and me with the bruises.  It's been quite a trip.  Glad to be able to see the end just around the corner and just in time for Spring.  That is, if it ever gets here.  We've been having a snow/rain mix today.  Does not make me happy, but May will be here soon and summer will be right on it's heels.

I've got Spring fever.  Have the balcony table and chairs ready to go out.  Purchased my Fuschia for the hummingbirds.  I am soooo ready!  It'll be a while before the plants can go out.  Will get a couple tomato plants and some petunias for the railing planter.  Come on Summer!!!

Thank  you for stopping by.  Do let us know that you did, by emailing us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi

April 21, 2019

Happy almost late Easter!  Had an awesome day.  Went to Easter breakfast at Grace, served as Greeters, enjoyed worship.  Had Easter leftovers with Niece Terry.  It's getting warm.  Not really awful warm.  However, it's the backside of winter in the northland.  We are soooo ready!

So nice to spend a quiet evening at home.  Tomorrow Len works at Walmart and I have a day off.  Need to get an EKG, because I'm having my eyelids lifted.  I've had squinty eyes forever.  It's affecting, or is it effecting my sight?  I'm never sure of those words.  :)

Hope you had a nice Easter.  Take care and be sure to let us know that you stopped by.  Email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless.  Love ya, loi

April 15, 2019

Tax Day!  Yikes!  Today is my 5th anniversary at Walmart as a cashier.  I love my work.  Glad I went along and applied.  Good decision on my part.

I'm spinning my wheels today.  Going fast and not getting anywhere!  It's just been one of those days.  Had a very enjoyable lunch with my Niece Terry.  Thought today was going to be lunch with Goddaughter Lori, but I lost my contacts when my phone locked me out.  Had to buy a new phone.  The number in Len's phone was an old one.  I just had a miscombobulated day all around.  Trying to catch up, but every step forward brings me in a circle!  

Len's cataract surgery on his R eye is scheduled for Wednesday.  It's going to be a full month for us.  I have my eyelid surgery next week.  I'm going to be pretty for a week, or so.  Then it's Len's L eye.  Oh well..by summer this should all be behind us.

Drove to St. Paul to Len's grand niece's wedding reception Saturday.  That took the stuffing out of us?  We're not kids anymore.  Having said that, it was so fun to see the kids and join them for a celebration.  

Thank you for stopping by.  Let us know that you did by emailing us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless...Love ya, loi

April 11, 2019

OK...it's been way too long!  We had the most amazing vacation.  Way too hard getting back into the groove.  Spent an afternoon at Gilman Pavilion with friends Austin, Karen and the crew.  Special time.  Special friends.  We are blessed.

Had an evening at Harrison Park in Danville, IL.  Hooked up with a good bunch of friends and fans who danced the night away to those old favorite tunes.  Life is good.

Our visit to our oldest son's was so much fun.  Len celebrated his 80th at a Japanese Hibachi Restaurant.  Fun to have all three of our grandchildren under the same roof along with our four year old great granddaughter Aubree.  Will never forget her cute reaction to the little Japanese water spray bottle.  Too fun.

Our visit to our youngest son's was heartwarming.  He bought his Dad a Gibson guitar just like the one Len traded for Lance's Ibanez 40 years ago.  Pretty emotional evening.  Lance took us to an Italian Restaurant.  I had London Broil.  Oh my goodness, talk about delicious.  That had to be a big mistake!  However, having said that, I don't see London Broil on any menus where I hang.  What is that all about?

All's well in our world.  Have to check my Anniversary and Birthday calendar, because I've missed way too many occasions...I'm going to be excommunicated as a Mom, Sister, Friend!

Thank you for visiting.  Let us know that you did, OK?

God bless...Love ya,  loi

March 10, 2019

Still surviving.  We have 6 blocks of pot holes on our island.  I'm still onto the thought that we're on the backside of winter.  Saturday we leave for vacation.  Can hardly wait to hook up with family and friends.  It will be an awesome vacation!

I'm back to being me.  All those issues with my health are in the rear view mirror.  Now my heart is worried about my nephew Leroy.  He is having open heart surgery Thursday.  I am sooo worried.  However, having said that, it sounds like he's taking this seriously.  Can only pray for him, and hope that he turns the corner on his health.

So relaxed tonight, and looking forward to a day off tomorrow to recover.  Should be able to get the loose ends tied before we leave Saturday.  We play at Patti's in Lake Nebagamon.  Awesome young couple who owns the place that just spoils us.  We are so blessed.

Love you guys.  Thanks for being in touch.  Please let us know that you stopped by.  Our email is:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi

February 25, 2019

We are surviving a very cold winter in the Northland!  Yikes!  It's 8 degrees above zero, but we're expecting much colder temps before tomorrow morning.  I'm just holding onto the thought that, we're on the back side of winter.  Soon Len and I will head south to visit our kids in GA and IL.  We're looking forward to celebrating Len's 80th birthday.  We've been joking for some time now that we're closer to 80 than we are to 70.  Well, the day is coming soon!  Seems sooner than we expected.  Oh well...God has blessed us with our good health and energy.  Can't complain.

Finally got by all my health issues, and ended up getting a cold!  That took me down, but not out.  I continued to work through it, I just tried to stay out of everybody and anybody's space.  :)  I certainly hope noone became ill because of me.

Have our tax to the accountant, and looking for what is sure to be a surprise given the change in the tax laws.  Hopefully, we've put enough away that we won't have to pay any huge $$$.  We were zonked when we settled in MN in 2014, but it's seems to have leveled off in 2016 and 2017.   Managed to get a couple other tax documents in the mail today!  What is that all about?  It's the end of February for crying out loud!

Have attended a couple of funerals in the past two weeks.  One a classmate, and one a fellow church friend.  Seems like we're going to more funerals than weddings.  Having said that, we will be going to St. Paul to Tanya and Edward's reception March 9.  Sure hope the weather holds.  I'm ready for a celebration!

Hope this finds all of you healthy and happy.  Things are perculating in our world.  God bless you.  Thank you for checking in on us.  Do let us know that you did by emailing us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

Love ya,  loi

January 27, 2019

Another cold day in the north land.  We survived!!  Woot!  Woot!

Had our annual meeting at Grace Lutheran.  Our hearts are sad, because Pastor Phil is leaving, and Pastor Sarah is adjusting hours to accept a position in her degree that she has worked for with honors!  We know the future is always in flux, so will try to be proactive, and pray for their happiness and future success while we pray for our church family:  "Moving forward as a welcoming Christian community, we worship, learn and serve together to reflect God's Grace."  Some things don't change!  :)

Need to make reservations for our March vacation.  Looking forward to getting away, and doing some relaxing.  Am so ready!!!!

Tomorrow is a day off.  Expect to get a ton of stuff done, and want to work on a quilt.  I've been putting that off for way too long!  Duh!

If you've stopped by, please email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com  

We enjoy hearing from you, so don't hesitate, OK?  May God bless you and keep you.    Love ya, loi 

January 21, 2019

Well...Happy New Year.  Just a little late.  Trying to catch up on my December.  I missed Christmas dinner, missed pretty much everything Christmas!  Oh well.  It's all good now.  Back to my old self, and I couldn't be happier.  The numbness has finally subsided, so I guess you could say all's well in my world.  Having said that, Len is in a world of hurt with his back.  He works way too hard for his age, and finds that he has to go to a Chiropractor, and take pain meds.  He's on a first name basis with Icey Hot, Salonpas, Blu-Emu, and Tylenol.  Hopefully, this too, will pass.

We played Patti's Saturday, the coldest day of the year!  Brrrr...and then, I had to load the back end of the van weird and it took forever to get on the road for home.  Duh!  

We played Gramercy Sunday, another bitter cold day.  I managed to load back of the van the way it's supposed to be loaded, so all went well.  Yikes!  It's not rocket science Kids.

Pretty much OK in MN.  Looking at some bitter cold temps coming up with snow.  We signed up for this when we settled here.  Love the 4 seasons, and know that our weather is mild compared to the 40's through the 60's.  Len used to work the Iron when we had no idea what the wind chill was, and he was out there climbing around hundreds of feet in the air at 40 degrees below!  Scary thought!

The snow used to be really deep too.  Many times the plow with two blades would push the snow off into the ditches.  We loved walking to school on the elevated level when it was frozen.  That was a long, long time ago.

Be sure to let us know you visited.  Our work in the winter is slow, but come summer we're hoping to add a few jobs.

Thanks for stopping by.  Know that we appreciate you, and look forward to hearing from you at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love, loi

December 24, 2018d

Merry Christmas Kids.  Hope your Christmas is healthy and happy.  We're coming out on the other side of my health issues.  The pain went away!  Now I'm experiencing numbness, but who cares?  No pain...no problem.  Let sleeping dogs lie!  I've got some left over problems from the pain killers, but am working through that too.  It ends...we just don't know when.

Worked at Patti's the 15th.  That is such a fun job.  Pat and Patti are way too good to us.  Love the food, love the crowd, it's a good place to be on a Saturday afternoon.  Worked at Villa  Marina Thursday the 20th.  Len's childhood friend Bill, has been in there for 4 years!  Remarkable guy.  Always a smile, and a joke.  He's too fun to be around.  :)

Looking forward to Christmas Dinner at Niece Terry's.  Looks to be a quiet relaxing time for our Christmas.  We will open packages, and I will make a grape/cheese tree to snack on while we wait for dinner.  There's never much wait when you go to Terry's.  She's pretty much ahead of the loop whenever she's the in charge girl.  I've baked a loaf of bread to take too.  Homemade bread is always a welcome treat.

Thank you for stopping by.  Do take care of yourself, now and into the New Year.  God go with you.  Please let us know that you visited our website.  It's fun to catch up on your news.  You can be in touch by emailing us at:     lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless...Love ya, loi

December 12, 2018

I'm home again!  It's a Wednesday and should be at work. 

Last Tuesday I had some issues with my back, I wasn't too worried...that kind of comes and goes with the territory.  You know, you get old, you get some aches and pains.  Wednesday was a little better, Thursday Len and I were both off and we rang the Salvation Army Bell, singing and having a good time.  Went out to eat, and had a great evening.  I was feeling a little pain...you know the 2-3 the kind you can live with.  Friday I felt really pretty good, I'd decided to go to the Dr., but when I felt so good I thought, "Well, I dodged that bullet!  Woot!  Woot!"

Whoops!  Here comes Saturday, and I'm down for the count.  Went to Urgent Care, the Dr. gave me a boatload of pills with instructions that would confuse the Pope.  I did my best to take them correctly.  At Midnight I took the pill with food, and upchucked the whole shebang!  Went to bed, and went to Urgent Care, and he took one pill away, and added another.  Fine, just fine.  I found myself on the floor in the wee hours of Monday morning trying to get the pain to subside by rolling back and forth.  Poor Len, he didn't know what to do.  He asked me if I wanted him to call and ambulance, and I said, "No", but changed my mind.  Spent most of my Monday in the ER.  

Now, I'm waiting for my Doctor to call, so I can get to the bottom of this.  Too many prescriptions!  I'm not good at that stuff.  The pain is at a 2-3, and I'm trying to get some stuff done.  

Len bought and wrapped my gifts under the tree.  Nothing like temptation to make a girl feel better, right?  :)  

I've just been on our email, and our dear friend Austin sent me the warmest, sweetest email ever!  He tells me that my journal brings him some peace and joy.  What a compliment!  I am humbled.  He and his beautiful wife Karen are our heroes.  They've been such giving people all of their lives, now they're struggling with health issues that would bring the strongest to their knees.  Karen and Austin continue to smile and focus on their blessings.  Who does that?  Only the BEST of the BEST!  May God walk with them together on this journey.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Letting me know that this journal in some small way may bring you joy makes my day.  Soooo...Thank you Austin from the bottom of my heart.

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Love ya, loi  

December 2, 2018

A relaxing day at home.  Awesome!!!  Watched football...not so good.  :(  Oh well...

We decorated today...Christmas cards are in the mail.  It's all good!  

Is it just me, or is time marching to a new beat?  FAST!!!  Holy Cow!  I didn't write a Christmas letter this year.  Not sure if it's because we're really boring, or if we've done so much fun stuff that I can't put it all down in a simple letter.  The highlight of our year in Duluth was the visit from our son Len and his beautiful wife Tracy.  We are sooo blessed.  

Enjoying the Duluth Harbor Cam, and Bridge Cam today.  We've got some gale warnings, so the waves are pretty amazing.  Watched a couple ships come through the canal.  They didn't seem to have a problem with the waves, but it was scary to this old lady!  We live in heaven!!

Hope all is well in your world.  We're healthy and happy.  God is good!

Do be in touch, OK?  Email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi

November 18, 2018

Had a super day at Patti's.  Didn't have the crowd...probably because of hunting season.  However, we had just a fun time dancing, singing, visiting, and eating.  Len and I both had hamburgers and french fries.  Len can't eat the cole slaw, but Patti makes THE BEST!  We're looking forward to the third Saturday of each month from 2-5 PM.  It will make it easy for our friends and family to remember.  Picked up another friend at Patti's.  Looks like she'll be coming out with her friends in the future.  We love that.  

Monday's are my day off, and I'm not going anywhere tomorrow.  Just hanging out here at home.  I plan on getting my Christmas cards ready for the mailbox, and we will decorate the 2nd of December.  It's pretty amazing how fast the years seem to come and go.  It wasn't that long ago we were looking at the world coming to an end the year 2000!  Do you remember that?  Holy Cow!  

We're vegging watching the Vikings and the Bears.  We are a house divided...it's all good.  Have a running message with Goddaughter Lori. She's a Viking fan too.  Len just can't give up his Chicago Bears.  It's OK.  We will harass him just for fun.

Hope all is well in your world.  Do be in touch, OK?  Email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi 


November 4, 2018

Had a blast at Dreamland...so sorry to see the end of the 2018 season.  Having said that, we are so blessed to have such loyal fans to support us.  Thanks guys, and girls.  We appreciate your support at Dreamland.  It's so cool to play at a traditional supper club.  Love it, and the food is outstanding!  

The cataract surgery is behind me.  Now I'm looking forward to getting my eyelids lifted.  I'll look like somebody hit me in the face with a baseball bat for a while, but that too will pass, and I should have awesome vision and brightness.  Looking forward to that.  Len starts his cataract journey in January.  I'll be glad for him, because he's going through the fogginess, and blurry vision that I experienced.

Looking forward to Patti's Saturday the 17th.  Always a fun place to perform.  Come out...we're there from 2-5 PM.

Let us know that you stopped by.  Email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya,  loi

October 22, 2018

Looking forward to Dreamland Thursday evening, Friday morning my last eye appointment for my cataracts, and then...Len and I are going away for the weekend.  I am so excited.  Seems like forever ago we've just went away without a destination for a purpose.  We're just soaking in the hotel pool, and jacuzzi, and relaxing eating out.  Can hardly wait.  I'm so happy with our plans that I'm already thinking about going away over New Year's Eve.  Just got to find a hotel with entertainment, because I don't want to have to drive out and about.  :)  

Hope all's well in your world.  Do be in touch.  God bless you.  Love ya, loi

October 7, 2018

Guess you could say I've pretty much given up.  Haven't heard from our old friends from the 'road' for many weeks.  I get it.  Life gets in the way.  

We had worship music at Grace this morning.  So awesome to perform for our Church Family.  They are so appreciative, and we are so humbled.  Many times the phrase, "playing to an audience of one" worked in my life this morning.  When we set up our equipment last night and ran through the music I wasn't sure I'd be able to pull off "I Believe" much less "I'll Fly Away"!  Part of our Prayer of the Day:  "...teach us to trust like little children..." touched my heart.  I quietly pointed those words out to Len.  After worship some comments were:  "Tears flowed.", "You made me cry.", and "That brought back memories...".  God has been good to Len and I.  We have had a successful career, and an amazing end of life experience.

That's not to say we've given up, or anything like that!  We are enjoying our life, and expect to be around for some time to come.  It's all good.  :)

Please be in touch.  Your encouragement feeds my soul.

  God bless you.  Love ya, loi 


September 9, 2018

\Just came off the best vacation in memory!  Visited our son in GA and his family.  Visited our son in IL and his family.  Did some Len and Lois work to pay for the vacation.  It doesn't get any better than that!  I wasn't all that excited about going, but when I got into it I didn't want to give it up!  We had an awesome good time.

If you're following our website journal...be in touch, OK?  I'm about ready to give the journal up...it's not getting the feedback it once was.  :)

God bless you.  Love ya, loi 

August 13, 2018

Terry is recovering nicely.  Having said that, she's experiencing some infection!  She's being treated with antibiotics, and visits to the Dr. for wound cleaning, etc.  Yikes!  Pretty stressful stuff going on.  

So thankful that our equipment is no longer a problem.  That was hard to wrap our brains around.  You spend a boatload of money, and can't get a decent sound.  Yikes!!!

Looking forward to leaving on vacation from Patti's Saturday the 18th.  We won't be back until September 4.  I'm having cataract surgery in September, so my days are pretty much centered around that.  I've had some reports of the surgery being wonderful, so I'm pinning my hopes on better vision this winter.  Will be welcome especially the night driving to pick Len up from work. 

Visited with Roger and Claudia yesterday.  So special to have such good friends.  Roger has pulmonary fibrosis, and is looking at a long row to hoe.  He's a very dear friend.  We pray that God will hold Roger in the hollow of His hands.

Thanks fro stopping by.  Do let us know that you did by emailing us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love, loi

July 23, 2018

My beautiful niece Terry had a heart attack Tuesday, the 17th.  She was to have quadruple by pass Wednesday, the 18th, but they ended up doing a triple by pass.  Terry is home today, and feeling pretty good.  Crazy how medical technology has progressed.  I can't wrap my brains around it all.  Wednesday was a long day for me.  I was spoiled by Terry's awesome husband Dave.  He bought me breakfast and lunch.  He kept me entertained until late afternoon.  I left the hospital after Terry was safe back in recovery.  I'm hoping Dave got some rest before he went in to see Terry after the breathing tube came out.

I walked home from the hospital, I'm guessing 4 miles.  It was a beautiful day, and I was only about 6 blocks from our Lake Walk.  Google Duluth, MN Lakewalk.  We live in this amazing place.  Len and I live on Park Point, and have to cross the Lift Bridge to get to and from anywhere!  Couldn't be happier.

In May we bought a Bose sound system, and have not been happy with it.  We've done a bunch of jobs, and Len has worked his fanny off to get a decent sound.  We had an outdoor carshow job in Lake Nebagamon, WI Saturday, and it was AWFUL!!!.  We left the job, drove to Music-Go-Round, and bought new Shure mics.  Drove to our home church, Grace Lutheran in Hermantown, MN.  Set  our equipment up in the Fellowship Hall, turned it on, and held our breath.  It was PERFECT!!!  Our remote mics were the problem.  They are outdated, and picked up a lot of flack from surrounding Smart Phones etc.  We are sooo stoked!  

Come see us at Dreamland Supper Club, South Range, WI  Thursday, 5-8 PM.  We are really excited.

Gotta run pick Len up from work.  Thanks for stopping by.  Do let us know by emailing us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi

July 21, 2018

Hi kids!  It's been real.  Way too busy. Will be in touch soon...

July 8, 2018

So much going on.  Our equipment has been a very good investment!  We played a very soggy July Fourth at Lake Nebagamon.  Had a super time, but nerve-wracking.  We are so blessed to have such an awesome family that supports us.  Took a video, but have yet to figure out how to get it to this journal.  Old people and technology...you get the picture.

Tomorrow I'm starting my computer class.  Hope it helps me to unfigure out  the things I've been doing wrong for 15 years!  I'm thinking this should be a whole lot easier.  Brought our schedule up to date, and have most all of our vacation plans in place for GA and IL in August..  Len's sister and her husband are coming from AZ the end of July.  I have those plans in place too.  Then comes September, and that's 8 appointments for my cataract surgery!   I'm looking forward to having that behind me, and not stressing too much looking at it.  :)

Thank you for stopping by.  Do let us know by emailing us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

Love ya, loi 

June 24, 2018

I think we've got our equipment ready for prime time!  When you get two old people and technology together you're bound to get some friction.  Thank you Patti's and Dreamland for understanding the problems.  We are blessed to have our employers give us a little slack.  :)

We will soon be celebrating our 57th anniversary.  We are going away for the evening.  :)  We need some down time.  :)

Thank you for checking us out.  Please let us know that you did by emailing us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi

June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day Dad's reading our journal.  God bless you.  I took Len to Red Lobster, and we took a ride out to the end of Park Point.  Nice day...after the storm.  We had a nap while the storm made going outside not a good plan. 

Spent the morning at worship, and set up our equipment in the Fellowship Hall to tweak the feed back and squaking that we experienced at Patti's yesterday.  Put two old people and new technology together, and you're bound to get some friction.  Think?  :)  Anyway, it's all good.  Dreamland Thursday 5-8 PM.  Hopefully, we'll be in business.  It's pretty hard on the brains trying to figure things out on the fly.

Grandma's Marathon was an awesome weekend.  Too bad we had rain, and cold weather to offer the runners, but they did their thing.  Driving through Canal Park after Patti's was way too fun.  Busy as usual on a Saturday night, but loud music, and tons of pedestrians!  It's all good.  

We very much appreciate your support, so let us know that you read our journal, and come see us when you can, OK?

God bless you.  Love ya, loi 

June 11, 2018

A whirlwind!!!  Celebrated my 76th birthday, bought a new sound system, and are looking forward to showing it off at Patti's Dockside, Lake Nebagamon, WI Saturday, June 16th.  Grace Lutheran, Hermantown, MN has been so nice to us to let us use the fellowship hall to set-up, and get it all figured out.  Awesome great place to worship.

Had lunch out with Niece Terry today at Gronk's in Superior.  Great Italian Sausage sandwich.  Their potato chips and cole slaw are to die for!  :)

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you to everyone who drops us an email to let us know that you checked us out.  God bless you...

Love ya, loi

May 13,2018

This weekend has been amazing.  Worship at Grace this morning, card and roses from Len, dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and a relaxing afternoon.  Calls from both our boys to wish me Happy Mother's Day.  Tomorrow is off, and I'm planning on staying home.  Love my me time.  Will play catch up all day, but that's OK.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Do let us know that you did.  Email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

Love ya, loi

May 12, 2018

Cannot tell you how much fun we had at Patti's today.  We are so in love with Patti's.  Our first home in 1961 was in Lake Nebagamon.  Memories of water skiing, and fishing on that lake.  Just like going back home 57 years later.  Patti and Pat are so good to us.  Our friends from forever ago support us.  We are soooo blessed.  

Looking forward to my birthday at Dreamland.  Thursday is going to be one special day.  :)

Thanks for stopping by.  Do let us know that you did.  Email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

Love ya.  loi

May 6, 2018

Awesome weather for the Northland.  Dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  Holy Cow!  Could not have been better!  Our steak was to die for, our waiter Tyler was amazing.  Just way too cool.  I love the noise, the busyness, and the smiles!  Just perfect!

It's been a busy week at Walmart, and I've been on a register for the most part!  Wonderful!!!!  :)  

Did get registered for the classes.  Len and I are taking YOGA...Nephew Todd tells us he likes yoga for his back.  Len has really bad problems for his back.  We'll see...

I also registered for Excel...looking forward to actually learning what I need to know to be dangerous!!!

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Love you...loi 

April 22, 2018

Who would believe we were having a blizzard one week ago?  Hardly any snow is on the ground to show for it.  Can't say that I'm unhappy about that! 

We went to worship today, and I managed to lose my phone!  Man, oh man!  What a pain.  We called from Len's phone as we backtracked, and I realized it was on vibrate.  I'd turned that on when we left the apartment.  Duh!  We went back to church and looked every single place I'd been.  No use!  I searched the van with a flash light.  However, I forgot to check between the drivers seat and the trunk.  Len opened his door, and pulled out  a jug of window washer, and there it was!  So happy...I will sleep good tonight.

Need to register for a couple of classes I want to take this summer, so will try online.  That should be fun, or maybe not!  We shall see.  

Thanks for stopping by.  Do let us know by emailing us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless.  Love ya, loi

April 15, 2018

We were supposed to play at Buckhorn, in Gordon, Wi today.  However, we're in a full-blown blizzard!  Yikes!  Have been watching the live Harbor and Bridge cams.  If it wasn't so cold I'd take a walk over the berm, and see the Lake at our beach, but I'm going no where.  Enjoying the warmth of our little apartment, and watching the storm from the inside.  Feel bad about not being at the Buckhorn.  We were excited when Jody called us for a date.  Having said that, she's booked us for Sunday, May 27th 2-5.  

Today I will have been at Walmart 4 years.  Can hardly believe it.  Time sure does fly when you're having fun.  I do love my job, but then, that's all I want to do.  I hate being a Greeter, or Self Check.  Just keep me busy on a register, or shoot me!  :)

Have organized my life, so must get my nose to the grindstone, and get some of that work done.  Pronto!

Thank you for stopping by.  Do let us know by emailing us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless.  Love ya, loi

April 8, 2018

It's still cold!  Ding!  Dang!  So looking for warm weather, and getting rid of the heavy coats, and extra layers.  I keep telling myself that we celebrated Spring, not Fall, or Winter.  So, having said that, where is the warm weather already?  

Been busy playing catch up.  Working on researching singer/songwriters for GPSSONGS.  I always  thought  I was a decent researcher, but I'm not so sure anymore.  Have been enjoying the busy-ness of Walmart.  I love being a cashier, and customer service.  Guess I was meant for retail.  Just wish it paid more...but doesn't everybody wish that the pay was better.

Len and I met Milt and Gloria at Solway Town Hall to listen and dance to The Solway Country Band.  Len and I got up and did a couple of songs, everyone was very kind.  I loved the crowd, and the great feeling of family.  Tom Johnson gave us an awesome introduction.  It was very humbling.  We are so blessed to have our Len and Lois business.  It has been so rewarding.  

We ate out at the Black Bear Buffet this evening.  Oh so good.  One of the best I've ever had.  I just wish they'd cut the sausages in littler pieces.  I hate leaving food on my plate.  However, I love a couple bites of sausage, so I make an exception.  I'm so stoked...I have lost those last 5#...I weigh 122#  The weight I have always wanted, but that illusive number.  Excited!

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Thanks, and God bless you.  Love you, loi

April 2, 2018

Holy Cow!  Has it been a month since I've updated this?  Yikes!  It's scary how fast time goes...I've always got my plate full, and for the most part I'm all about it.  However, having said that, today I wasted pretty much the whole day riding the city bus, and walking.  I went to the dentist this morning, and dropped the van at Walmart for Len to drive home after he is off work.  Caught the bus, got off at the wrong place, walked a mile, on the way stopped in our mother bank to use the bathroom, checked the time for the bus at the bus stop in Canal Park.  I visited a gift shop that was HIGH END!  Got a ton of really good ideas.  Rode the bus home standing by the driver chatting.  It turned out to be a super day.  Did I mention that we picked up a college student who sat down beside me?  His dream is to follow our Grandson Ethan's life...fun to spend a few minutes with him.  We promised to stay in touch.  :)

Spring is here.  Yes, I know it's snowing, but the jobs are coming in.  Patti's keeps booking, Dreamland is back for the summer, and Buckhorn is on board.  We like to play 4 or 5 times in the summer.  Next week we have a trip planned to check out a Bose system.  We're hoping to lighten the load.  It's fun to play, but it's a pain to carry in and out such heavy pieces, and trunks.  We have to remind ourselves that we're closer to 80 than we are to 60.  Just sayin'...

That's it for now.  If you have stopped by please let us know by emailing us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

Thanks.  God bless you.  Love, loi

March 4, 2018

Still having trouble with my printer!  Duh!  

Len and I had lunch at Little Angie's today.  Soooo good, so special to have this little restaurant so close to home.  Love Canal Park...

Excited that Spring is coming soon.  Happy to have the frigid temps of winter behind us.  Just read a post on Facebook from a friend in northern IL.  He spotted a robin, so it won't be long kids.  It won't be long!  Woot!  Woot!

Thank you for stopping by.  Let us know that you did, OK?  Email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

Love ya, loi

February 19, 2018

OK...so I was on the phone with a support chat person for 3 hours!!!!  She hung up on me!  Grrrr...  Then I uninstalled the printer, and every single thing that looked like it belonged to the printer.  It worked!!  But today is another day, and my new printer won't print color.  I've got to mess with that this afternoon.  Wish me...

Had a super time at the Hacienda yesterday.  We did drive home in some pretty awful snow, but made it home safe.  Decided not to take the short cut at Garfield and Railroad St, because it has drifted in the past, and we didn't want to get stuck.  All's well that ends well.  :)

Today is my day off, and I'm getting sooo much done.  Excited!  Just marking things off my to do list one after the other.  Have the potato salad done, the bread baked, lunch in my tummy, and now for a nice winter's nap.  :)

Hope all things are well in your world.  Please be in touch.  I'd love to hear from you.  Email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi

February 11, 2018

Still haven't figured out the printer color thing.  I did a lot of updating, and stuff.  However, haven't had a chance to try it out.  

Hope things are good in your world.  Things are going good in ours.  Take care.  Be in touch.  Love ya, loi

January 29, 2018

All's pretty good in MN.  Am having issues with my new printer.  Yikes!  Thought I had it fixed, and now it won't print color!  Ding!  Dang!  That's a whole new and different boat to row!  Oh well...will have to get the HP geek to run his little cursor around on our desktop!  Time consuming, but necessary.  That will be my next trick!

Otherwise...we had a super vacation to IL to see our son and his family.  Also, made a stop at my sister Ruth's.  She turned 90 this last birthday.  Sure hope I'm as healthy and happy as she is at 90.  Stopped in South Beloit to have breakfast with our old friends Fran, and Louise.  Lots going on, and sadness set in.  We cut our vacation short to attend, and sing at Len's Cousin Doris' funeral.  She was the BEST!  We will miss her.  It was an honor to be asked to sing at her funeral.  Kind of hard to sing with a lump in your throat.  :(  

Thanks for stopping by.  Do let us know that you did by emailing us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com  God bless you.

Love ya, loi

January 8, 2018

Happy New Year everyone!  It's been a trip getting my SSL, so you can see our website safely.  You wouldn't even believe it, if you knew how many times I've called, and gotten NOWHERE!  Yikes!  AND HOLY COW!  Last night I made another call, and VOILA!  Here I am to tell you I'm glad that's behind me.  

Had issues with our old printer, so Len bought me a super duper new printer.  It worked when I installed it, and then...NOTHING!  If I'd have known, but I didn't, to go to printer and delete a bunch of stuff that I have no idea how it got there...Oh well.  I'm off and running today, and it's a day off!  YAHOO!  YAHOOIE!

Am plannning on catching up on birthday's and anniversary's, making another yummy fruitcake, and clearing off this desk.  I just know that buried in this mess is something important.  AND today I have to work on GPS, and have to do some 2017 book work...end of year.  Hello 2018!

Thanks for stopping by.  Do be in touch.  God bless you.  Love ya, loi

December 10, 2017

Finally, have figured out how to get Kathy and my pix up.  Woot!  Woot!  Have been having trouble accessing my site.  I am still waiting for a code to open it for you...will be working on that tonight.  :(

November 12, 2017It's been a fun week.  Holiday Helper at work. Had a super picture taken of Kathy and I, but haven't been able to figure out how to get it posted.  I'll work on that, and get back to you...  

November 5, 2017

Drove to St. Paul Park, MN today to attend our niece Sally's Celebration of Life.  That was a hard one.  Having said that, it was so sweet to hook up with her brother and sisters.  It seems like our family gets together for deaths, and marriage.  I love the marriage get-to-gethers!  The deaths are always disturbing, because for the most part, we're the older ones.  Hate to see the young ones cut down in their prime.  We had good weather, and had a safe trip.  It's all good.

Winter has set in for the north country.  We're looking forward to Bentleyville, walks on Lake Superior, and Thursday breakfasts at Caribou Coffee, and Amazing Grace Bakery and Cafe.  We weren't able to get to work the last time we had weird weather too slippery to get up the hill!  Len backed down an on ramp...too scary.  Don't want to revisit that!!!  

Hope things are good in your world.  We're snug as a bug in a rug in our sweet little apartment.  Please be in touch.  lenandlois40@hotmail.com  

God bless you.  Love ya,  loi

October 29, 2017

Still a little overwhelmed with my phone, but have found some websites that are very helpful.  That old learnimg curve thingey...

Len's niece Sally passed away, so we're trying to wrap our brains around that.  

My niece Terry's retirement party was today.  She is such a keeper of the family.  She was way too uncomfortable being the center of attention.  Wish every single one of you had a Terry in your life.   I am so blessed to have her, and her Misfit.  Sounds derogatory, but her husband is just one of the most special people on the planet.  He stands away, and picks up the pieces...wherever they fall.  Love those two more than I could ever explain.

Thank you for stopping by.  Be sure to let us know.  Our email addy is:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

Love ya, loi

October 22, 2017

It's been REAL!  Holy Cats!  What was I thinking?  My life is consumed with learning the new smarty phone I bought October 1.   Everybody assumes I know what I'm doing.  NOT!  Tonight I downloaded, and printed a manual.  I'm going to be spending a great deal of my time learning how to use this monster I've created in my life.  

Our Son Len, and his beautiiful wife Tracy visited us for a few days.  What an awesome good time we had.  We were amazed that Len, Jr. drove us, without direction, to his school, our old home place, his Gramma Gehl's, his Gramma Lola's, the cemetery of his Gramma and Grampa Gehl.  He was 10 years old when we moved away.  We got together with the cousins at the Shamrock in South Superior with the family  We enjoyed lunch at Patti's in Lake Nebagamon, and dinner at Outback in Duluth.  We were so happy that they approved of where we live, and the life we're leading.  We have already come up with a 2018 plan.

Thanks for coming by.  God bless you.  Love ya, loi 

October 5, 2017

Walked on Lakewalk this morning.  Awesome beautiful day...just can't get too many pictures of the Big Lake, and awesome sunrises.  Right Aaron?  ;)

Met a super healthy, happy young man at Amazing Grace this morning.  I see an acquaintance turning into 'friend' in our future.    

My beautiful neice Terry is retiring from the Super 8 in Superior the end of the month.  Can hardly wait to see how she works this out.  She's been taking care of sooo many people her whole life.  Will be fun to watch her enjoy her time...maybe taking care of Terry for a change.  :)  Just sayin'.  

Our hearts and prayers are with the Las Vegas victim's and their families.  It just keeps getting more and more horrific, doesn't it?  "One nation under God"...shaking His head.  That's NOT how I planned this world people!  Remember:  Love one another!!!  Duh!

I've got this day just waiting for me to color it 'special'.  God go with me...I need all the help I can get!

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Love ya, loi

PS  Needed to do some shipping of some extraordinary heavy awkward speakers and stands.  We visited "Goin' Postal", 816 Tower Avenue, Superior, WI.  We were waited on by THE MAN HIMSELF Andrew Perfeti, Owner.  Turns out he not only does an awesome shipping job, but he is a photographer.  I checked him out at:'  www.andrewperfetti.com.   Make friends with him...you will be happy you did!  That I can promise you.  

September 24, 2017

Sunday worship was so special.  Went to Amazing Grace in Canal Park to meet a young woman who planned on interviewing us, she didn't show up.  Oh well.  Amazing Grace was soooo busy!  They are doing an awesome business there.  Probably couldn't have conducted a productive interview anyway.  

So absolutely perfect not to have a ton of plans for Sunday!  Yahoo!  Yahooie!  Sunday football!  It's been ages since Len has been able to enjoy an afternoon of football.  I've had a tongue in cheek kind of day.  Everything I touched turned brown!  I worked on one of our credit card statements...turns out I only had two pages!  No wonder I couldn't balance.  What a waste of time.  Don't even ask me about the 2 loaves of bread that I forgot!  Ding!  Dang!  Duh!  Would be different if this was the first time, but it isn't.  :(  

Tomorrow is my day off, and I'm not going anywhere!  I'm hoping to catch up on EVERYTHING!  Wish me...

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God bless you.  Love, loi


September 20, 2017

In a rush to get out the door.  It's been a fun month...way too busy.  Our son Lenny and his beautiful wife Tracy are planning on coming north from GA the week of the 8th of October.  We are so excited to show him our awesome digs, and friends.  The time will drag until they get here, and in a flash they'll be gone.  That's life...get over it.  :)

Thanks for stopping by.  Do let us know that you did.  Email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi

September 4, 2017

Oh my goodness...just had an awesome whirlwind of a vacation.  Loved every minute of it. 

Ethan joined us at Patti's on Sunday the 13th.  We were out on the deck, and had a great time.  It was fun for us to show him off to our friends.  

If you haven't been to Patti's you really need to come see us.  Tuesday the 15th we played in Gilman, IL at Gilman Pavilion.  Can't remember seeing so many faces come to see us.  So heart-warming.  Many of our old friends have passed, but there's a ton of lovely people who we remember that are happy to clap, and sing a long.    The next leg of our trip was through IL, KY, TN, and on to Newnan, GA to visit our oldest son and his family.  I can't remember being so relaxed!  Thank you Tracy and Len, Jr. for spoiling us rotten.  We ate and napped.  We ate and got ran around in the van.  We ate and sat around and visitied.  I gained 9#!!!  Yikes!  Fortunately, a lot of that weight is water weight from the salty food, but I'm not complaining.  Everything was so delicious, especially the awesome night our kids treated us to a Hibachi dinner.  :)  WOW!

Due to the eclipse we had to travel 10 hours from Newnan to get accomodations that we could afford!  We drove to Tuscola, IL and stayed two nights.  We shopped at the mall just behind the motel.  I bought a dress, and a blue top.  I wasn't sure that I'd like the top, but I do.  :)

We played at Harrison Park in Danville, IL on Weds. evening.  Lots of great conversation, and hugs.  Miss those sweet friends and fans.  They love to dance.  

Thursday we drove to Ottawa, IL where our youngest son lives.  We played at the nursing home there.  My favorite supervisor on the planet is a resident.  So nice to see his family, and especially daughter Joan.  It's been years!  Had a wonderful time with Lance and De.  

Had lunch out with granddaughter Sarah, and her family.  Didn't get to see Trevin, he was off adventuring with his grandparents.  :)  Didn't get to see Lindsey and Ryan.   Linds was out of town with work.  Didn't get to see Dani, and her girls, because I just didn't get my act together in time to make a plan.  Probably all that relaxing the week before!

Did catch Ryan, Michelle, and Paxton at the Car Show in Seneca.  That was fun.  Len is like a magnet to the '57 Chevies.  Too bad for him he couldn't afford one when he was young, he still can't afford one.  Poor guy!

We made it home safe and sound.  I worked Tuesday, and took Wednesday off to atten an Excel Workshop.  It was supposed to be Basic, but it wasn't!  The instructor asked what I knew, and I told him,  "Not much!"  Duh!  I thought we were talking basic here.  All those little drop down dialog boxes take you to a world of wonderful possiblilities.  That's the one thing I took away.  Still so much to learn...whew!  

We played at St. Ann's on Thursday the 31st.  What a lot of fun that was.  I had a heart with sparkles painted on my face.  We were celebrating State Fair.  Len and I went into the kissing booth, had some scrumtious banana/chocolate treats.  I kind of wore that, but managed to clean up.  I clean up pretty good.

Back out at Patti's September 3.  We didn't have much of a crowd, but nephew Troy, and his beautiful wife Melanie came to see us.  Those kids mean so much to us.  Seemed like all of our friends knew them, so there wasn't much introducing to do.  :)  

We're back at Dreamland on Thursday, September 7, 5-8 PM.  That is always an awesome fun job.  Hope to see everybody out there again Thursday.

Thanks for stopping by.  Do let us know that you did.  God bless you.  Love ya, loi

August 12, 2017

Grandson Ethan arrived this morning.  Ran out to the end of Park Point, walked the Lake Walk, and a stop at Caribou Coffee.  Will be going to Bong Memorial Museum, and lunch with niece and nephew.  The Harbor Dinner Cruise tonight.  :)  Life is Good!!!  

August 6

Time has gotten away from me yet again!  Holy Cow!  Next week we'll be heading out for GA, and IL.  I'm not ready!!!  Yikes!  Good thing I have a master list for packing.  I can already feel the stress building...and to think that we moved practically every single day for 32 years.  Unbelieveable.  No wonder people looked at us like we were crazy.  Can't blame them, but at the time we just did what we had to do.  :)

We had worship music last Sunday.  It went well, nobody noticed our flubs, and if they did, they didn't comment on them.  It was fun.  We're working on more Gospel music, because we just can't go back year in, and year out doing the same stuff.  :)  Oh well...

I bought this awesome tee shirt.  Had Len take my picture on our balcony.    

We work at Dreamland this Thursday, and Patti's Sunday.  We leave for vacation from Patti's.  That should be interesting.  Sure hope the weather cooperates.  I have to say I'm not looking forward to unloading and loading our equipment with our luggage in the van, but I guess it's doable.  At least, I hope it's doable.  Will be a whole lot better if we don't get rain.

We are looking forward to our Grandson Ethan coming to visit us Friday evening, all day Saturday, and he will leave Sunday when we leave.  He's hiking Iceland now, and has shared some amazing pictures on Facebook.  He's quite the adventurer.  We will see our sons, all of our grands, and greats within the next two weeks.  I can hardly wait, but have to admit I'm not looking forward to the butt-breaking ride.  I am sooo spoiled.  Loving our apartment, and the slowed-down life we live.  However, there is no grass growing under our feet!

We attended Eric and Natalya's wedding yesterday at Spirit Mountain.  It was such a sweet ceremony.  They both work with us at Walmart.  Really nice kids...

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July 16, 2017

It's been a busy week.  Car Show/Street Dance at Patti's Dockside Lake Nebagamon, WI yesterday.  Such an awesome turnout.  We had 29 people that we counted from our mailing.  That's sooo super. 

Good friends Ron and Helen showing their 1937 Nash.  It's a beauty! 

Then Len saw this 1957 Chev that he loved in 1957.  He couldn't afford it then, and his brother Jerry told him a few years ago he couldn't afford it now either!  But I have to admit he'd sure look cute in that red beast.  :)  Just sayin'...

We're getting psyched to go to Kro Bar in Brule the 23rd, and then we have the worship music at Grace Lutheran, Hermantown the 30th.  Should be a quiet week coming up, and I'm ready for some catch up time.  I have piles of piles on my desk that require some attention...NOW!  Yikes!

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God bless you.  Love ya, loi

July 9, 2017

Bluegrass worship at Grace this morning.  Super good time.  Spent a few minutes in the fellowship hall with good friends, a cup of coffee, and a piece of fudge.  Mmmmm.  :)

Friends, Dick and Julie Ford, came to lunch at our apartment.  Len was in Heaven showing Dick the studio in the kitchen.  Len bought the identical keyboard that he uses to perform from Dick.  Lots of great musician- guy-things.  Julie and I spent a few minutes on our balcony with the Fuzzy Navels Len mixed for us.  (That picture didn't turn out all that good.  Looks fuzzy.  Do you suppose it was the Fuzzy Navels?  :)  The camera was sitting on the desk, so it shouldn't have been moving!  Duh!)

We are blessed to have friends from our childhood, and early married days.  God is good!


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Love ya, loi                     

July 2, 2017

Celebrating 56 years!  Woot!  Woot!

Thursday morning breakfast at Fitger's after Lakewalk.  So relaxing


Work at Walmart July 1, and 56 cupcakes for the crew.  Nice!  Stopped after work at Cast Iron for a toast, and a listen to 2 Dug Nite.  Awesome that Dakota and Brianna happened by...they're like family.  Today we just enjoyed going nowhere and playing catch up.  Thursday evening we will top off our celebration with dinner out at Fitger's and a listen to Bill and Kate Isles.  No sense in just celebrating one day, right?  :)

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God bless you.  Love ya, loi

June 20, 2017

What a summer!  Awesome good jobs for Len and Lois.  Hooking up with old friends, new friends along the way, and enjoying our Walmart friends that we've made over the past few years.  We are so blessed to live such an amazing life with so many great people.

I don't want to alarm you, but...the days are going to be shorter, and shorter, and shorter!   Ding!  Dang!  I'm not ready!  However, I doubt whether anything works around me being ready.

Thanks for stopping by.  Don't forget to email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com 

God bless you.  Love ya,  loi


June 4, 2017

Worship this morning at Grace, and washed the van.  I cleaned the inside while Len washed the outside.  Len worked on the rusted running boards this afternoon.  The winter was really hard on the van this year.  We're just going to fix it as best we can, and hang onto it until we can't hang on anymore.  Who knows when that will be?  :)

I've cleaned up my bottom file drawer, but just found a different place to store the mess.  Not much I can throw away until I get my 'len and lois book' written.  I've promised myself it will be ready for an edit by the end of he year, but I haven't done diddly squat all year so far.  Not good.  Need some inspiration.  

Enjoying our apartment.  We bought a nine hole cubby for my month, week, daily to do's, fabric, and craft supplies.  I've got quite a collection of books that I fully intend on reading again too.  Len thinks he's funny when he asks if I didn't get it the first time.  :)   Hard for me to part with the things I love.  

Glad you stopped by.  Do let us know by emailing us at:  lenandlois440@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi 


May 28, 2017

Trying to catch up!  I'm doing an archaological dig at my desk.  OMG!  I am sooo far behind with thank you's, birthday's, anniversarie's, and graduation congratulations!  Duh!  I'll be here until I'm 90!!  Oh well...nothing new for me.  I do this every three months, or so.  I promise myself, "Never again, Lois.  Never again!"  However, that hasn't worked in the past, and so I'm not expecting any great advances in my way of doing things in the future.  :(  

Len and I walked Lake Walk Thursday.  Our special mornings...met Dave at Caribou Coffee.  Nice guy.  He has a website www.k-bid.com.  He calls his business "White Feather Trading".  I've linked him on our 'Links'.  So if you have stuff for sale, or are interested in buying add Dave's website to your list of 'to do's'.

Visited the cemeteries today.  The rain just kind of followed us from Greenwood Cemetery to Hawthorne Cemetery.  It's OK...we didn't melt, or anything exciting.  Met an old friend out at Hawthorne, and visited for a few.

Came home for lunch, and a nap.  Put the umbrella up on the balcony along with a rail pot with the Walmart Mother's Day petunias.  I'm loving the hummingbirds, and the view.  In the summer it's like having another room.  Absolutely love it!

Back to my 'dig'...please let us know that you visited our website by emailing us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

Thanks.  Love ya, loi

May 22, 2017

Chasing my tail today.  Bank, PO, drop Len at work, nails done, drop at Saver's, back to the PO, Target, Office Max, pick up a friend, hair cut, drop friend off...home at last to lunch and a nap.  Now, I'm making posters for the awesome jobs coming up.  Patti's, Kro Bar, Dreamland, and Hacienda.  It doesn't get any better than that! 

Need to get some birthday cards out, answer some letters, and make a check out for a great cause.  :)  It won't be long I'll have to run up, and pick Len up from work.  Tonight we're buying a 9 cube cubby to replace my plastic bins in the bedroom.  That should at least add some class.  Think?

We had a super time at Kro Bar in Brule yesterday.  We have such a great bunch of amazing friends/fans that support us.  We feel sooo blessed.  You can't be this old, and have so much fun.  Love that "Len and Lois" work.  I know someday it will come to a screeching halt, but until then, we're going to keep going.

I celebrated my 75th the 17th.  Actually, I celebrated the whole week!  A dozen roses, dinner out, gift cards, tons of good wishes and cards.  I have my health, and a life I love.  Can't beat it!  Thanks God!  Thank you very much!!!

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God bless you.  Love ya, loi


May 14, 2017   Mother's Day

I am soooo spoiled!  Message from Goddaughter Lori...sweet!  Text from Son Lance...sweet!  Worship...precious!  Dinner at Outback...sweet!  A nap...much needed.  A call from Son Len Jr...sweet!  Facebook...sweet.  Life is good. 

We had a lead from friends Pat and Daryl to call Kro Bar in Brule, WI.  I called and we have the job!  We are so stoked.  Can hardly wait for Sunday, May 21.  We love our old jobs, but so look forward to the new jobs.  Thanks to Pat and Daryl.

It's time for me to get my cute little butt ready for bed.  Thanks for stopping by.  Take care, and be in touch.

God bless you.  Love ya, loi

May 8, 2017

Today, my day off, I met niece Terry at Grizzley's in Superior.  Much needed girl-talk for both of us.  Have two loaves of bread baking.  Just removed the boiled potatoes for lunches off the stove, and the salmon is ready to pop in the oven when the bread is out.  Whew!  Then it's time to take a nap...that is, after Len calls during his lunch break.  :)

Hacienda was a blast yesterday.  So many of our snow bird fans came to see us.  It touches our hearts to have such faithful friends over the years who have supported us.  So happy to add jobs to our northland schedule.  We have the Kro Bar in Brule added for the 21st.  It will be fun to see if any of our Iron River friends, and fans join us  ;) 

We don't want to work Len and Lois, but 3 or 4 jobs a month.  With Len working 40 hours at Walmart, and me working 3 jobs we do need some down time to run away once in awhile.  Just sayin'...

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God bless you.  Love ya, loi

April 29, 2017

Had an awesome good time at Patti's Dockside today.  Love our wonderful fans that love us.  We are soooo blessed!  Patti booked us for Sunday, June 11 = 2-5 PM.  They are building this amazing deck overlooking Lake Nebagamon.  Weather permitting, we will be playing out there in June.  Can hardly wait.  After we were married, our first home was in Lake Nebagamon!  We've spent many summers fishing, and water skiing on that lake.  Just like going home again!  Too many wonderful memories to describe. 

We were somewhat worried today that the weather wouldn't hold.  We're expecting some crazy weather tonight through Tuesday.  I'm so lucky that I have tomorrow off, and can just curl up and...enjoy...at home.  It doesn't get any better than that.

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God bless you.  Love ya, loi

April 10, 2017

Holy Moly Molly!  A day off!?  I've pretty much been running my butt off since I climbed out of bed.  :)

So far I've baked two loaves of bread, a dozen blueberry muffins, and threw a grape/chicken salad together for our lunches.  I've printed posters for our work for Dreamland, Hacienda, and our buildings.  Made some Len and Lois work calls. cleaned the freezer, and one oven rack.  As soon as I'm done with this I'm taking a much needed walk out to my Lake.  :) 

Just glanced out of the window and saw a water kite.  It's going really fast, so I better get my ducks in a row if I want to see it from the beach.  Take care.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  Do be in touch by emailing us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi

April 3, 2017

Busy day!  Yikes!!  Ran over to Superior for lunch with Niece Terry at Grizzley's.  Always good to spend time with her, lots going on.  Went to have the van greased and oil changed, and tires rotated.  Stopped at Goodwill with a donation, and picked up some earrings and a couple tops and a jacket.  Not bad for $14.  Love to find...finds!!  ;)

Yesterday, Goddaughter's Lori and Ashlie & Co.,  came over for dinner.  It was so fun to spend some quality time together.  Would you believe that we've been trying to get together since before Christmas?  Love those two little muffins Mason and Hadlie.  Where does the time go?  Thanks kids for making two little old people so happy.


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God bless you.  Love ya, loi

March 26, 2017

Played at Hacienda this afternoon.  Had a good crowd, did some music we haven't done in forever.  Some worked, some were work!  :)

It's been a super week.  So ready for good weather, and warm coming.  The Mallards, and Merganzers have left for the inland lakes, and the Canadian geese, and seagulls are back.  Love the chatter.  We saw a small otter on our way to church at the inlet by the yacht club.  He/she was soooo cute.

Please be in touch.  Email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

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March 20, 2017

So glad Spring is here, and the Len and Lois work is coming in!  Woot!  Woot!  Patti's Dockside booked us for April 30th  =  2-5 PM.  We had a great time yesterday, sooo friendly.  You should have heard Patti and Lois' rendition of Total Eclipse of The Heart!  :)  The dance floor is awesome, the food is amazing, and a huge plus...the bathrooms are spic and span.  The view over Lake Nebagamon is to die for!  Len and I lived in Lake Nebagamon a mile, or so from Patti's.  We rented a little house for $35 a month.  I know, that was 1961 for crying out loud.

Today was my day off.  Went out to lunch at Outback with a co-worker, stopped at Office Max for printer ink...Ouch!  Picked up our taxes...that's ready to go.  Stopped at Verizon to figure out what we're going to do, and stopped at Charter.  We need to make a decision now that we're off the road.  We're spending entirely too much on wifi.  We've chosen an unlimited and a better speed for a lot less money.  Looking forward to Thursday.

I did take that walk out to Lake Superior.  Down the driveway, cross Minnesota Avenue, and a short walk over the sand dune.  Amazing view, the city of Duluth on the left, Park Point on the right, and Wisconsin across the Lake.  Just too good to be true.

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God bless you.  Love, loi


March 6, 2017

Had an awesome good time at Hacienda yesterday.  Super good friends came to support us, and my handsome grandnephew too!  We asked Dick, and Allen to get up, but they both declined.  A table of Grace Lutheran's, a table of Zion Lutheran's, high school, and grade school friends of both Len and I.  (We went to different school's.)  I'm loving this business, just wish we could get more of it.  Working at Walmart and doing this business though, is a pretty hefty schedule for a couple of old people.  :)  We've got 4 jobs in March.  I like that, just enough to keep our skills up.

Today is my day off.  It's rainy and ickey out, but I'm hoping for it to get a little warmer, so I can take my walk out to Lake Superior.   It's foggy, and soggy out there just now.  :(  Oh well.  A great day for getting things done inside.

Thanks for stopping by.  Take care, and be in touch, OK?  Email us at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

Love ya, loi


February 26, 2017

I'm so happy that I've finally figured out how to edit our site!  Yahoo!  Yahoo!  Yahooie!!!

Today has been a very relaxing day.  I've worked on our Len and Lois book, and Len has worked on his in-home studio.  Looking to make song writing somewhat simple.  Simple is not a great word to use when discussing song writing.   

I had hoped that we were going to be snowed in this morning, but I was glad to get to Grace for worship, and class.  We're studying "And Who is My Neighbor"  very thought provoking.  Class participation is amazing.  I love the subjects Pastor Phil finds for us.  :)

We thought about going out to see local musician's this evening, but chose to stay home and complete out projects.  Making bread and turkey tonight.  Love the overnight rising, and crock pot.  Life is good!

Thank you for stopping by.  Please contact us via email at:  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi

February 21, 2017

It's been forever since I've been able to edit our website!  Yikes!  I'm hoping our faithful friends continue checking in to see if anything is going on.  I am so excited about maybe, just maybe, getting our CD's available.  Many of you have asked for soundbytes.  :) 

It's late.  I have to work tomorrow, but ready to keep this website up and running.  Love you guys for being so faithful.  Do be in touch via email.  lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you.  Love ya, loi 

October 30, 2016

Can't help but hug myself. Today for the first time we had friends in to visit us in our new apartment. How fun! Milt, Gloria, and their grandchildren. Friends from forever ago. What history we have to draw on...since 1962.

Our visit to Illinois was amazing. It's been 4 years since our family has been together. We laughed, we talked non-stop, and we devoured a lot of delicious food. We're hoping that our boys will join us in Duluth come summer.

We are looking forward to our Len and Lois jobs in November. We are blessed to have regular playing jobs. Live entertainment is not so big of a deal anymore. Our crowds are getting older, and so are we! Still enjoying the experience, but know that the energy is flagging. Hopefully, we'll know when our time has come, but if we don't...oh well. We have world class fans! :)

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God bless you. Love ya, loi

October 9, 2016

Here I am! Woot! Woot! On my way to Illinois to visit our sons. Can hardly wait to see them tomorrow night along with our grands and greats. So blessed!!!

Can hardly believe that I've been able to get back to our website. Tonight I need to get some sleep...much needed rest, so I can get on the floor and play music with those little people.

Thank you so much for checking us out here. Let us know that you stopped by. lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you. Love ya, loi

September 30, 2016

I haven't been able to access my website administration...frustrating!!! I just tried tonight on a whim and yahoo! Here I am!

We are soooo happy in our new apartment. So awesome to enjoy sunrises over Lake Superior. We are settled...I still don't have my wall hangings done. The precious things we've hung have such sweet memories. We have Len's Mom's crocheted pot holders, and embroidered apron. We have Len's embroidered dish towels. When he had mumps, measles, and chicken pox his Mom kept him busy embroidering. He did a super job too. I laughed, because Len said if we'd have been pulled over in the motor home and weighed we'd still be in jail. I have the pictures that hung in our farm house, pictures I have no memory of not seeing. So amazing to relive and be living with our history. I have my grandmother's ladle hanging in our kitchen. We have Len's niece Donna's painting over our bed, Peggy's needlepoint on my work table, Carole's paintings over our TV, and pictures of our boys, grands and greats. "This Nest is BEST!"

We will soon meet our boys in IL for a few days of visiting, and catching up. I am soooo excited. We will leave Sunday the 9th.

Thank you for visiting our website again. Thanks for your patience. Do stop by again, and let us know that you did by emailing us at: lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you. Love ya, loi

August 26, 2016

I can't believe how long it's been since I've been able to get into this website to bring it up to speed. Yikes! This morning I talked to "Eddy", and he took all of two minutes to reset my password. Why can't all of the techs be that helpful?

So many things have happened since June 10. We sold our motor home, moved into an apartment, and went on two weeks vacation. We're still trying to get settled. We're almost there, but need to take our time to get everything organized. It's coming along.

Thank you for being so patient with me. Thanks for visiting, and do let us know that you did. lenandlois40@hotmail.com Check us out on Len and Lois Facebook too!

God bless you. Love ya, loi

June 10, 2015

What a kick in the rear end that last post was! I'm still frustrated by that...Ding! Dang! Anyway, I've gotten over it, and on to better days, and happier moments!

We've decided to list our motor home. It would be nice to be settled, but then, if it doesn't sell we're enjoying our summers at Ogston's. It's a win-win any way you look at it. :) Nephew Todd came by and replaced our alternator. The engine sounds strong, and I have to say it can be tempting to go back out on the road. Too bad we're closer to 80 than we are to 60! Oh well...life changes, life goes on, and when it doesn't...it's over! :)

We're picking up some summer Len and Lois work. That is always a fun thing, so we're happy to still have our time, and our music. Actually it doesn't get much better than that.

Thanks for stopping by. Do be in touch by emailing us: lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you. Love, loi

May 15, 2016

I am sooo tired! I just spent a half hour updating this journal, and every single word DISAPPEARED! I am going to bed. Thanks for stopping by.

Love ya, loi

May 1, 2016


Moved into our motor home today. A beautiful day to move, and every thing worked without a hitch. Almost always there's some little glitches from sitting all winter. It's soooo relaxing. I'm doing my email, and Facebook fun this evening.

Actually, it turned out pretty good not to have to work today at Dee's. Made our move very smooth. However, do miss the $$$. Oh well...hoping that the new owner will consider us for work in the future.

Have to make fresh hummer nectar before I leave tomorrow. I'm planning on meeting my niece Terry, and my brother's hospice care giver for lunch at VIP in Superior. I have a ton of work to do tomorrow, so it will be a quick trip over, and back. Need to get cards out for the Hacienda Sunday, May 22nd, 4-7 PM. Love that job, and can hardly wait to hook up with our friends. I wasn't smart enough to include that job on my cancellation cards for Dee's. Duh! Don't forget we're at Dreamland Supper Club, Thursday, May 19th, 5-8 PM. Dreamland has delicious food, and that awesome supper club feel. :)

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God bless you. Love ya, loi

April 25, 2016

Received an email that Dee's Pub on The Curve has been sold. The new owner has cancelled our date. AAARRRGGGHHH!! Oh well, perhaps more work in the future? Who knows? A real bummer. All of our cards were out, so on today's TO DO I have to send a round of cancelled cards out. Ding! Dang!

Took a load of stuff out to the motor home Thursday, and filled the hummingbird feeders. It's so cold and windy today I'm thinking those feeders will be empty, or on the ground! Poor hummers, robins, and critters.

Our power was out for a while this morning. It's back on, so I'm doing my best to get those cards done, and out, get ahead of my birthday and anniversary cards, and work on our book. After the cards, though, I'm taking a breather. Some left-over omelette, a glass of wine, a book, and a nap. In that order!

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God bless you. Love ya, loi

April 18, 2016

Sorry about the rant on the 6th. :( I'm over it...thanks for giving me your ear.

Have been enjoying some very nice weather...a little early for the shorts and flip flops, but we're seeing them anyway! That's the Great White North for you! :)

Just checked the 2016 Hummingbird Migration website. The hummers are back! Even though we can't move into our motor home until May 1st, we will run out and get some nectar in the feeders. Can hardly wait to plant the flowers, and get back to the campground. So nice and relaxing out there. That being said, we're selling our motor home, and have a good feeling that this summer it will sell. We will then move into an apartment somewhere...in MN...most likely. I know, I ranted, but it's so nice up here. Worth the extra $$ to not have to change everything again! AND you can't beat the view going down Hwy 53. Awesome to be so contented...most of the time. :)

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April 6, 2016

What a blast in the butt! Do not...I repeat...DO NOT move to MN if you receive Social Security, and/or retirement benefits! Do not retire in MN. What a kick in the BUTT! We are moving to WI, or IL posthaste! We thought that last year was a fluke. It wasn't! :( Hard to think of anything uplifting at the moment. Sorry. Any suggestions?

Let us know that you were here: lenandlois40@hotmail.com Love you guys. Thank you so much for continueing to support us. loi

March 20, 2016 PALM SUNDAY

Had an amazing day. Worship at Grace, Hermantown, MN. Contata/Youth Palm Processional...you would not believe the amazing choir, Director Tracy Gibbens, and musician's that made "Jesus Light of the World" come alive in our hearts. I don't think there was a dry eye in the congegation. Just exquisite.

Spent the afternoon with Jeff Jarvinen. He is putting together a 'Northland Legends" video archive. It is humbling to be asked to be included. Pretty amazing stuff. Len brought me to tears with his responses, and we both had a wonderful time. So funny to relive your life in an hour, or so. We met Jeff Peabody of 'Jeff Peabody Productions', and Jim Wisniewski, they were staff behind the cameras. Super day!

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March 13, 2016

Awesome weekend!

Played the Honor Guard Dinner at the American Legion, West Duluth last night. Felt very humbled by the testimonies of the military personnel that were there and were awarded for their service.

Today we spent the afternoon at Sister-in-law Carol's. Good food, and a great game of Scrabble. Len went into the game sure that he was going to lose, and he won! I just know he cheated!! :)

Stopped at Dreamland on the way back home. Dan hired us for May 19th. Chatted with a friend from forever ago! Super afternoon. Now it's time to relax, and catch up with my to do's.

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God bless you. Love ya, loi

March 10, 2016

Is this really me? 7 days!! Woot Woot! It's been a good week. Feeling confident about my Walmart work...finally! It's almost 2 years, but then I've added a few more jobs that I wouldn't have believed I'd ever do! Oh well... Finding time for my GPS work, and making my Len and Lois calls. A little behind in the bookkeeping for Len's music, but hopefully, today will be the day I catch up with that. :)

I can almost see the top of my desk! Would be so nice if I could get, and stay organized. The key word here is: stay. I love the busyness of my life, and look forward to my days off. Today Len took the van for a grease and oil change. I'd planned on having breakfast with Tami at Perkin's in Superior today, but that's not going to happen. Am home taking care of business. :)

Glad you stopped by. Please email, or message me that you were here. I love knowing that we still have super friends and fans that check us out.

God bless each of you. Love ya, loi


March 3, 2016

February came and went! Holy Smokes! I didn't get diddly squat done the whole month! Can you believe it? Time for me to get my ducks in a row.

I did manage to get a cold too! Ding! Dang! So blessed to have the world's most amazing Dr. The prescription he gave me made it possible for me to go to work. You wouldn't have guessed I'd be to work on Tuesday...I could barely speak Monday morning. Thankfully, it was my day off. We're working short of staff at Walmart. Not too surprising given that corporate america pays fewer people the least possible wages to do more work. That's the "flow up" theory! This is 2016 you know! :( Nuff said...

Our Len and Lois work is sparse especially in the winter...come on summer! I'm looking at researching MN Good Sam Club for Rallies. That was always our favorite work. Our memories of the Good Sam Rallies in FL, IL, and WI are precious. Then that Family Motor Coach District Rally in Madison...amazing. Could not believe that they opened the overhead doors, and we backed our motor home and trailer right up to the stage, loaded up, and drove away. Too much fun!

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God bless you. Love ya, loi

February 7, 2016

No excuses about being locked out...lots of great times on our vacation. Can't tell you how much fun it was to spend time with our boys, grands, and greats. My favorite take-a-way memories will always be: 1. The Atlanta Fitness guest pass sharing some inspirational physical fitness with our oldest son Len.  2. Champagne in the hot tub, under the stars & snow on the ground, with our youngest son Lance.

We actually slept in, took naps, visited, traveled, sat in traffic, listened to the radio, and CD's. It was an amazing super vacation that I will cherish forever. Have been trying to touch the ground ever since! Back to work, but reality hasn't set in...yet. :)

Len managed to get an awful cold when we got back. He's just now beginning to feel good. He continued working in the face of coughing and sneezing fits! Poor Guy. So far I'm avoiding his germs, but it's been a ton of sanitizer, and doing a lot for myself that he's been doing over the last few years. Yes, if I haven't mentioned it before: I'm spoiled!

That's pretty much it...thanks for stopping by. Do let us know that you did, OK?

God bless you. Love ya, loi

December 30, 2015

I've been locked out of our website, so I've not been allowed to update. Sorry...

Happy New Year! Hope that 2016 is a great year of health, and happiness for you and yours. We are excited about taking a vacation in January to GA, and IL to see our boys, our grands, and our greats.

More later. Thank you for stopping by, be sure to let us know you did.

God bless you. Love ya, loi

October 26, 2015

Bummed! Hacienda cancelled for November 1. The dart team decided to start their games early. Oh well...will work out something with Sandy down the road. We like that job in South Superior. A short drive for some of our friends.

This month has flown by. I had my flu shot, and proceeded to get really sick! Ding! Dong! My Dr. said next year I should consult with him before I have the shot. I think I'll do just that. So many people have told me they'd never get the shot again, but at my very advanced age I'm afraid to not get it.

We had two grandchildren have birthdays this month. They are now in their 30's, and I can't figure that out. Where did all that time go? Amazing to have communication with these special people...all busy with their lives, and still find time for us. Way too cool if you asked me, but then, you didn't ask me, did you? :)

Went to have my nails done, and my hair cut today. Met my niece Terry for lunch, and she surprised me with grandnephew Allen and wife Tiffany. We had lunch at Shorty's in Superior, and caught up with all the news. Could hardly believe that great grandniece Keilah will be 16. Great grandnephew ChiRho is already going to school. He and great grandson Trevin are the same age. So fun to see the pictures on Facebook. We are so blessed to live in this time of technology.

Wednesday I'm taking a long lunch to attend a lunch with elementary classmates from Washington School, South Range, WI. I've been in contact with our local paper. I thought that these reunions would be of interest. We'll see how that story plays out. :)

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Love ya, loi

October 8, 2015

Again, trouble accessing website! :( Oh well...just need to remember to use Mozilla Fox browser. Does it ever end???

All's well with things in our world. Just attended Grandnephew Jared and Jessamyn's wedding last weekend. What a great time, awesome weather for an outdoor wedding, and amazing good friends...and good food.

Enjoyed lunch with Niece Terry, and caught up with her world. Enjoyed worship at Grace with Goddaughter Lori, seems like it's been way too long. Love our time together.

So glad to be back on the internet with a good connection, and am loving my Bluetooth. However, it is an old Bluetooth, and when Len called me today he said I was breaking up! I am not breaking up! :) Soooo I guess there is a new Bluetooth in my future. :)

We've had some very heartbreaking news lately. Len's Cousin Iris passed, Florida friend Billy passed, Florida friend George passed, High School friend Robbin passed, and good friend and fan Ray passed. High School chum Dick is in hospice. Does it ever end? Could it be our age?

Thank you for stopping by. Do let us know that you did, OK? Email us at: lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you. Love ya, loi

September 21, 2015

Yikes! Have been having trouble accessing my website. Had to download Mozilla Fox today after how many phone calls! Thanks for your patience. Finally have been able to correct mistakes on our schedule! Thanks to Joan for pointing out my error...S! Too bad I couldn't get on and fix them when I found out they were wrong. Oh well...it's fixed now. The best I can do at this point is to be humble, and admit I'm not perfect. You guys know that already! :)

Spent an uncomfortable long time at Verizon getting an updated version of our flip phones, and a new Wifi card. I'm soooo happy with the speed of our internet now, and the clarity of our phones. Just amazing what a few little new tools can do to brighten up your life. Who could know I would become so dependent on technology. I guess I was born in exactly the right time for me. I'm loving my camera, my phone, and my laptop.

We have the job at the Elks Lodge in Hermantown. I am soooo excited. I've been working on getting that job since 2012. We played there Saturday night for a retirement party that was so fun. We are looking forward to the next time...nice bunch of people.

We said goodbye to our single female hummingbird Sunday the 15th. Today Len took the feeders down and washed them up for next season. I will be looking at the hummingbird migration map next Spring. They bring so much happiness to our lives flitting around outside our windows. Had some beautiful begonias, and a tire rim of marigolds, petunias, impatiens, and a couple other flowers I can't name. They came in pots, and I just transplanted them without actually introducing myself. :) Just hate to know that summer is gone, but love the Fall and getting back to some organization.

Len and I will move into our efficiency at Skyline Motel October 1. We've stopped by pretty much every week to visit our favorite Dachshund Oliver. It will be nice to have doggie company of a morning for treats again. I believe this year I am prepared and more settled with where stuff is than I was last year. Moving out of my brother's and into our motor home, and starting work at Walmart pretty much took the stuffing out of me. I'm glad we retired from the road, and I'm happy to be settled. We continue to do our Len and Lois work in the area, and hope to do 3 or 4 jobs a month.

No sense in me saying I'll do better with keeping up this journal, but I do my best. :) Thank you for stopping by. Do let us know that you did by sending an email to us:


God bless you. Love ya, loi

August 24, 2015

We have had a fun summer. So many neat things going on. Twenty three of our family visited the Bong Memorial in Superior. It was special for me to have the nieces and nephews see the Gehl Tile. Len's Dad, Len, two brothers, and our son Lenny's names are engraved on a Tile. It was quite a project. Len and I plan to visit the museum once a year, and we will be inviting our friends and family to join us. We get the tour rate if there are ten, or more. We run over to Barker's Island for lunch together. Everybody buys their own, it's pretty awesome getting together.

This summer Len's Northwestern, Maple, WI, All School Class Reunion was held in Iron River at Northern Pines Golf Club. They had a wonderful DJ. Len and I and several of his classmates sang, and just generally danced and visited the night away. Our sincere thanks to Milt and Gloria Olson, and their crew for putting together another special get together.

My East High School, Superior, WI celebrated our 55th Class Reunion at Shamrock in Superior, and Dreamland Supper Club, So. Range, WI. Our very talented classmate Dick Ford provided us with a variety of great music. You probably guessed that we "danced and visited" that night away as well. Thanks to Jane Prochazka, and her committee that does such a great job keeping our class together.

Friends of Len and Lois met out at Dreamland for dinner Sunday the 23rd. There were 11 of us, and we laughed, visited, and acted wild and crazy. We're planning on going to Dreamland the 25th of October. We will be there at 1:00. If you'd like to join us give me a shout, so I can make reservations. The more the merrier. We just pay for our own meal, and whatever drinks. It's really fun to relax, and get to know one another a whole lot better. :)

Do be in touch. Thank you for visiting our website. We would love to hear from you. Our email addy is: lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you. Love ya, loi

July 13, 2015

Had an amazing vacation in June. Celebrated our 54th wedding anniversary with a horse-drawn carriage ride in Canal Park July1. Ate at The Blue Max, so fun, because Len used to take me to The Blue Max in Chicago for some of our anniversaries in our 30's when we lived in Seneca, IL. We spent two nights in a cabin overlooking Fish Lake Reservoir outside of Duluth. Spent a day on the lake with a guide...his name is Cal. :) Had a wonderful time. Caught some good-sized walleye, but not keepers. They were all over the legal limit, or just under the legal limit. There is only a 3 inch space for keepers. Anyway, it was truly a special time.

We met 58 years ago on the Fourth of July. We drove out to Lake Nebagamon, WI and met neices and nephews. Super good time, and a really good fireworks. Drove over some of the same roads that we drove on 58 years ago! How sweet is that? Talk about memories...there are a lot! We have truly been blessed.

Continue to work at Walmart, and do our "Len and Lois" work as well. We did Dick and Bev Zengel's 50th anniversary at Clearwater Grille on the North Shore of Lake Superior yesterday. Awesome view, great party, and good friends and conversation.

Thank you for stopping by. My promises to keep this current have gone by the wayside. However, I'm humbled by the many of you that visit our site, and let us know. Your comments and support are valued...God bless you. Our email addy is: lenandlois40@hotmail.com

Love ya, loi

June 10, 2015

Sitting at my computer listening to the train go by in Gilman, IL. We're staying at the Super 8...nice. Len's watching the Blackhawks play hockey. He doesn't sound very confident. :( The western sky shows definite signs of an incoming storm. Glad we're settled in for the evening. Sunday night we loaded our equipment into the Eagles Lodge in Streator, IL in a downpour, and loaded it out only to be drenched again! The lightning was fierce...kind of scary.

We started out May 31 from Saginaw, MN, and have been traveling and visiting family and friends. We met Fran and Louise at the Flying J truck stop in So. Beloit, they are friends from days gone by construction. Played at Harrison Park in Danville, IL, so many good friends supported us. We are blessed with faithful friends, and fans. Went to Oak Brook, IL to perform at Mayslake where our friend Mary Anne is a resident. Beautiful assisted living, so comfortable, and reasonable. Visited Bill Steep at Pleasant View in Ottawa, IL. Bill and I worked together at Community State Bank in Seneca, IL back in the day. Have enjoyed visiting our son Lance. He's such cool guy. Had pizza Monday evening and fun visiting and learning about LinkedIn. Lance took us out to lunch yesterday at a very cool sidewalk restaurant in Ottawa. Tomorrow we hope to spend time with friend Cheryl...maybe even catch her grandson's ball game. That would be awesome.

The time has been going by way too fast. I could get used to this, but then, I'd miss my friends at Wally World, Hermantown, MN. I'm loving my job as Cashier...it's just HI-beep-beep-beep-BYE! Perfect job for me. :)

We joined Anytime Fitness in October 2014. It's a 24 hour gym, and has locations at many of the towns that we're visiting. We sure need it with all this eating out. Glad to have Super 8 breakfasts with cereal, and yogurt. Otherwise I'd be tempted to eat omelettes, and Eggs Benedict everyday...that would not be pleasant...

Thanks for stopping by. Good time to end post, another train is at the Gilman crossing. :)

God bless you. Love ya, loi

May 18, 2015

Seems like forever ago that I updated this journal. Sorry...as usual. :( We did move back into the motor home April 30 without a furnace, or heating blanket! Yikes! We survived, the guy came and fixed the furnace, so we're good to go. Just now we're tracing down leaks. We've fixed two, but one seems to just want to crop it's ugly head every time it rains. Not good...

Had an awesome Mother's Day, and birthday. Hard to believe that I'm 73, but there you have it. Ding! Dang! Better than the alternative! :) Len, my niece, and nephew spoiled the dickens out of me! Awesome good day.

Thursday 'Len and Lois' will be at Dreamland Supper Club, South Range, WI. Sure hope it's nice, so our friends and family can get out and be together for a few hours. Such great food, and service. Just the best place on earth to do our business.

We're getting things together for our vacation. We have a working vacation to IL the end of May, first two weeks of June. Will spend some time with family and friends as well. We have a 50th to work, and 2 Assisted Living homes for friends from many years ago. Can hardly wait.

Thanks for stopping by. We appreciate your emails: lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you. Love ya, loi

April 8, 2015

Had a skin procedure today: Levulan Kerastick. "Now's the time to manage your damage". Yikes! I thought it was going to be soooo painful. As it turns out I'm just a little feeling like sunburned-windburned. Not too big of a deal. Len's surgery, after all, turned out to be more than a big deal. He's just now feeling like his old self! Will be glad when we get back to an even keel around here.

Twenty-two more days and we'll be moving back into our motor home, but then, who's counting? :) I know, ME! Yahoo! Yippee!

Still loving my job at Walmart. Did you hear we got a raise to $9 an hour? Woot! Woot! I am so blessed to be working with some of the nicest people on the planet.

We have been going to Anytime Fitness across the highway from Skyline Motel. So easy, up at 6:30 and off to the treadmill, the elliptical, the row machine, and 8# weights. It's an awesome workout, and off to Walmart. I'm loving it! However, some mornings I sleep in. Just have to go at least 12 times for our Blue Cross Blue Shield MN to pay. :) Twelve times is the easy button...we go lots more than that.

Have been working on getting "Len and Lois" work today. So far, things are looking pretty good! I had the craziest experience today. I looked on the internet for a telephone number for a Moose Lodge in IL. I ended up calling a friend in another town! Talk about funny. We chatted away a whole 20 minutes catching up, and then I called the same number, and got the Moose Lodge. How funny is that? Hopefully, that job will come through. So looking forward to our vacation the first two weeks in June. We take a couple of working trips a year. Keeps our skills up, and gets us back to our friends.

Hope this finds you healthy and happy. Do stay in touch. I'm so enjoying your messages. God bless each of you.

Love ya, loi

March 17, 2015

Hard to believe that it's been over a month since I've been here. Sorry! So much has happened...Yikes!

Today Len had Inquinal Hernia Day Surgery. He did good. He's hurting a little tonight, but doesn't have to work tomorrow, so I will come home and have lunch with him. :) It's been a long day...oh well.

We've been having some very frigid temps...then along comes the awesome over freezing temps, and we've lost most of our snow. So nice to wear less clothes, and no boots! Spring is just around the corner...couldn't be happier.

Forty five days and we'll be back in the motor home at Ogston's. Can hardly wait. However, our kitchenette at Skyline has been awesome. We even have our own special Oliver Dachshund. What a sweetheart. He makes our day, and his Mom is just the perfect friend and Land Lady! We will stop here on our way to work you can believe that. So many blessings!

Have spent some quality time with family and friends: Bill and Rose...Milt and Gloria...Terry...Leroy and Rose...Troy and Melanie. God is GOOD!

Thanks for stopping by. I always try to do better, but I always let you down. I'm always sorry. Oh well. It is what it is. :)

Take care, and know that we appreciate that you love us enough to check us out. God bless you. Love ya, loi

February 4, 2015

Had a great day at work. It was busy, so it went fast. I work with the best people, and I get the best customers. It doesn't get any better than that. :)

We spent some time at our Granddaughters' homes while on vacation. They are really neat, and their homes are a reflection of their talents and personalities. We also were able to cuddle our newest great grandchild: Eugene Thomas Timmons. He is adorable, and his behavior makes me think of our youngest son Lance. Lance is Eugene's Grandpa. It will be fun to watch E.T. grow. :)

While on vacation we played for friends in Danville, Gilman and Danforth, IL. Always fun to go back and play our friends' favorites! Pretty much fun the whole two weeks. The last two days zipped by, and I couldn't help, but feel that it all was a beautiful dream. We are so blessed to have such an awesome family. Nevermind our special friends who continue to support us year in and year out.

Sunday we met our Goddaughters and family for dinner at a really good little restaurant in Hermantown. Farley's has the absolutely best Wild Rice Chicken Soup on the planet...believe me! Our time with those kids is so precious. Love sharing the back pew at Grace Lutheran in Hermantown with them.

Hope this finds you, and yours healthy and happy. Do let us know that you checked us out: lenandlois40@hotmail.com Or...Friend me on Facebook: Lois Schier Gehl. Thanks for stopping by.

God bless you. Love ya, loi

February 4, 2015

Well...it's been another month, and I haven't posted diddly squat! Sorry...

We did have an awesome vacation. We left the 15th, and enjoyed our time on the road stopping for coffee, visiting, playing, and just generally having a great time.

Two most memorable moments were: 1) Going back to Hip Pocket Park, Peachtree City with our Granddaughter Bailey and her children, and Grandson Ian and his cute girlfriend Kristy. 2) Ryan and Michelle's wedding. We had 5 great grandchildren in the wedding party. It was like a little herd coming down the aisle!

I will try to get back to this tonight after work. Meanwhile...onward.

Thanks for stopping by. Love ya, loi

January 8, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Sorry that it's been so long since I've posted. Much has happened since last I wrote. I had the flu over Christmas...Ish...I thought I was going to die. In fact, I kind of wished something would come to an end! I wondered if I'd ever feel good again, if I'd ever have my energy back, and I do! Thank God!!

1) Our van wouldn't start one morning, and it went out the parking lot on a flatbed wrecker! 2) We rang the Salvation Army bell over Christmas. That was fun, and very chilly. It very well might have contributed to my episode with the flu. :( Oh well...it was well worth it. I love that ministry. 3) Our Grandson Ethan gave us a book of his awesome photos from his PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) hike. He started at the Mexican border, and finished at the Canadian border. His photography is stunning. You can access his website at: www.ethanandrewphotography.com His photos are for sale. If you decide to buy, please let him know that we're friends, OK?

We've experienced some very fridgid weather in our new retirement! Makes us think that for at least a few weeks we'll bail next year. We'll see...

We're leaving the 15th for GA, and IL. So looking forward to seeing our family. Have a brand new Great Grandson in IL, and a Grandson's wedding the 24th in IL. Lots to look forward to. We return the 29th, and back to work the 30th. :)

Thank you for stopping by. Do let us know that you did by emailing us at: lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless your year. Love ya, loi

November 24, 2014

Len and I, as well as our Goddaughters, and a husband were welcomed into membership at Grace Lutheran Church, Hermantown, MN Sunday the 14th. Our Goddaughter Ashlie and husband Bryan were married there this summer. Their son, Mason, was baptized there this summer, so it was just the natural selection for us to transfer our membership from Zion in Superior. We love Pastor Phil, and there is so much going on. People are friendly...it will take some time to put faces to the names, but it will come. Thankfully, we were just in time to be included in the new directory. That always is such a help when you're the new kid on the block.

We recertified our CPR with the Spirit Mountain Ski Patrol a couple weeks ago. That was challenging! Yikes! We've been certified, and recertified for several years now, but this was pretty intense, and required a lot more strength than I remember from past courses. Perhaps, I'm a tad older these days, and not so strong? Think?

We joined Anytime Fitness, and I have to say we're addicted to working out. We've always walked, sit-ups, etc., did weights, and jogged/ran. We've entered many a 5K over the years, but this is just so super. We get up at 6:30 and hit the gym. It's right across the highway from our winter digs...way too convenient. I'm already seeing results that I wouldn't have if I hadn't had the rowing machine, and the stair stepper. WOW!

Have made a dent in my Christmas correspondence. Just a dent, but it's a good start. :)

Hope things are well in your world. Do be in touch via email: lenandlois40@hotmail.com We would love to hear from you.

God bless you. Love, loi

November 10, 2014

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day. Thanks Vets! Thank you for your service. This year I am remembering Len's Dad-WWI, Len's brother Cal-WWII, Len's brother Don-Korean Conflict, Len-Peacetime France, our son Lenny-Peacetime Germany. I'm also remembering my Uncles Fay and Myron, and so many good friends that have served...there's not room enough to list them all. However, they live in my thoughts and prayers. I remember when I was just a little kid, my parents told me about Sylvester Peterson. He was killed in Italy during WWII. Before he left he asked my parents to save me for him. :) He was a very handsome young man, but by the time I'd have graduated he'd been in his 40's! How funny is that?

I noticed that I said the Bong Memorial was closed until Spring in my 11/3 post...WRONG! It's closed on Sunday's until Spring. Duh! It really is an interesting museum, and I would encourage you to plan a visit.

Len and I both had our Shingles Vaccine. Len's mom had shingles, his sister has shingles, his brother Cal had shingles, so it's a family tradition I guess! I've had a very small outbreak some years ago. However, getting the Shingles Vaccine is imperative even after a case of shingles, so if you haven't done it yet, make a plan.

Today I'm off work. I've been getting my life together, and planning my week. So much to do, so little time. Oh well...back to the drawing board.

Take care of yourself. May God bless your week. Thanks for visiting, and come back often. Let us know you did at: lenandlois40@hotmail.com

Love ya, loi

November 3, 2014

Don't forget to VOTE! Good people have voted in bad politicians, because they didn't show up at the polls! Just get 'er done!

Len and I joined Anytime Fitness. We are delighted. We were going to just do October through April. We don't want to brave the ice and snow to do our walks and jogs, but I'm leaning on the whole year...we'll see.

My elementary school got together for lunch Thursday. It's all girls, but they didn't seem to mind that Len joined us. :) The school has been closed for years, but we're still enjoying our time together. :)

Tonight we go to Grace Lutheran for another New Member Class. We are so stoked about Grace. We transferred our membership, and already feel right at home...Church Home that is. :) Our Goddaughter's are supposed to join us tonight. Sure hope they do. It will be so nice to share the pew on Sundays with "family". It's been a long time...

Also, today we met Niece Sharon and Grand Nephew Josh at Perkin's in Superior. We had a great visit, and planned on going to Bong Memorial, so they could see the "Gehl Tile". However, Bong Memorial is closed from October to Spring! Dang! Len's Dad served in WWI, Brother Cal served in WWII, Brother Don, (Sharon's Dad) served in The Korean Conflict, Len served in peacetime, as did our Son Lenny. They usually put 4 names on a tile, but we were able to get 5. :)

Thank you for stopping by. Hope things are good in your world. Do be in touch: lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you. Love, loi

October 26, 2014

Had some folks suggest that we get together. We did! Today we got together at Barker's Island Restaurant for lunch. How fun!!! Wish every single one of you could have been with us. We are going to do this again! There were 12, or 13 of us. I think we drove the little waittress crazy, but she did an amazing job!

Len and I had a super day. Finished up at a meeting for new members at Grace Lutheran Church at Hermantown, MN. If you're looking for a church...we've got one for you! :)

Thanks for coming by. Let us know that you visited, OK? lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you. Love ya, loi

October 22, 2014

Our website has been down for a long time. Yesterday I spent I don't know how long on the phone with the support guys. Absolutely nothing! Yikes!! This morning I spent another bunch of time, and came home from work, and YAHOO! I'm back! :) Thank you Jose wherever you are!

We've been working our butts off at the Hermantown, MN Walmart. Looking forward to working at the Hacienda Bar and Grill in South Superior tomorrow night. We have a great bunch of good people who come out to eat, and dance. We are so blessed. At our very advanced age you'd think that we'd get over the great feeling of playing music. Oh well. It is our life. It is our love. Thanks to everybody who feeds the piranha that we call music! :)

It's getting cold and kind of wintery out, but we are looking forward to a great weekend. :) We work Saturday at Walmart, but have Sunday off. We will be enjoying the day, you can count on that. :)

Thank you for stopping by. Let us know that you did at: lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you. Love, loi

September 18, 2014

Our youngest Son Lance is 50 today. Doesn't seem possible. Both of our boys are Grampas, and that's just too unreal for me to wrap my head around.

Len and I are officially MN residents. We are loving living in our motor home, but need to be out the 2nd of October. Soon we'll be moving into a little kitchenette near Walmart. We move back to Ogston's RV Park the first of May. Hope that this winter isn't as long, and as cold as last winter was. It will be nice for Len not to have to deal with the snow. We sure enjoyed our lawn mowed, and all we had were tomatoes and flowers. Oh, and we did have song birds and hummingbirds. We saw the last one last week. We still have nectar out in case of a stray migrating.

We have seen our loons this week, and we have one stray Canadian gander or goose. The ducks are still flying around. In the mornings we hear shotguns over on Pike Lake. I would like to invite the ducks to our little lakes, but don't think it works that way. :)

Thanks for stopping by. Check out the "About Us" page. I've updated with pictures of the great grands from GA.

God bless you. Love ya, loi

August 10, 2014

Things are still going good in MN. We are so looking forward to vacation starting Thursday. We will see our kids, do some Len and Lois work, and enjoy some down time.

On the go. Have to work at Dreamland tonight.

Thanks for stopping by. Be in touch, OK. God bless you. Love ya, loi

August 3, 2014

Things are going good in MN. We're getting in the groove of working, working, working, and looking forward to taking off August 14 to see our kids, our grands, and our greats. Can hardly wait!

Our weather has been spectacular. Nice and cool by the time we get home, and hot during the day when we're working. Unfortunately, our Walmart doesn't have the best AC on the planet. Oh well...

Hope this finds you healthy and happy. Do stay in touch, OK? God bless you...Love ya, loi

July 25, 2014

We are officially MN Residents! We have a MN address, and driver's license, and registration for our vehicles! :) We need to get our insurances updated, and mail forwards figured out. It's kind of weird for us to be settled. We've been on the road since 1983!

Thanks for checking in. Be in touch, OK? lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you. Love ya, loi

July 10, 2014

What an awesome day! Cannot believe the wonderful weather, and the super neat crowd at the Hacienda in South Superior tonight. Special friends Kay and Jerry came out to see us. Jerry was a most faithful visitor to my brother. Our family has been so blessed with amazing friends. :) Thanks to Kay and Jerry for supporting us. :)

Len and I are residents of Ogston's Campground in Saginaw, MN. Six sweet neighbors came to support us at the Hacienda. So precious that they loved us regardless of my awful Kermit the Frog imitation! :) Hope that they give us another chance to strut our stuff.

Thanks for stopping by. Remember to let us know by emailing us at: lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you. Love ya, loi

June 27, 2014

Thank you for stopping by. Not much has changed. We're still planning on visiting our kids in GA, and IL. Can hardly wait to meet Aubree. Facebook is such a blessing. :) She is absolutely adorable, and with hair!

We are still loving our campground. The goslings, and the baby quackers are getting big. The pair of loons are so sweet...their cry in the night warms my heart and soul.

God bless each of you. Love ya...loi

Let us know you visited: lenandlois40@hotmail.com

June 12, 2014

We're great grandparents again! Aubree Rose made her appearance in GA June 10 @ 5:30 AM. She's 6 # 11.4 oz, and 19 1/2 inches. She is just beautiful, and we're looking forward to seeing her in August. Tell me she won't be all growed up by then, OK?

The proud parents are: Granddaughter Bailey, and Nick Appel. The proud Grammas and Grampa are: Son Len Jr. and Tracy, and Melanie. The proud brother and sister are: Nathan, and Kailee. Last but not least the proud Great Grandparents are: Gail Greenwell, and Len and Lois. :) So happy all is well with the exception that Aubree was jaundiced, and Momma did just fine. Both Nick and Bailey were jaundiced babies, so no surprise there.

We're still loving our campground, and our jobs at Walmart. Actually, I'm loving my job more than Len is. He gets to do everything. I'm waiting for the day I see him washing the windows! :)

Thanks for stopping by. Let us know you did...email us at: lenandlois40@hotmail.com

Thanks! God bless you. Love ya, loi

May 31, 2014

Here I am again. We moved into our motor home. Loving our motor home. Loving our campground...Ogston's in Saginaw, MN. Love working at the Hermantown, MN Walmart. The staff is amazing. I worried that I'd be old, and not be able to get it. The kids I work with are just so nice. I am blessed! If you would have told me a month and a half ago that I would have been so happy and peaceful on the other side I would have told you you were nuts! It's all good! :)

Am working on a vacation this summer, and this winter too. Maybe not Florida work so much. :) Life is good.

Thanks for stopping by. We love you guys for caring. God bless you. loi

April 22, 2014

It's been busy around here. :) I am now your newest Cashier at the Hermantown, MN Walmart. We are still living at my brother's house. We're in the process of cleaning our motor home to either move into it, or sell it. We have 3 prospective buyers. Whatever happens...we will live in the motorhome and get an apartment in the fall, and winter, or we will get an apartment now. We plan on taking a two week's summer work vacation to see our sons, and their families. We also plan to take a month to go to Florida to work, and play this winter. :)

Thank you to those of you who have been in touch. It warms our hearts and souls to know that you still follow our website, and care enough to be in touch.

God bless each of you. Love ya, loi

March 27, 2014

Tomorrow is Len's 75th birthday. He's having a hard time with this one. Yikes!

The decision has been made. We are not going to St. Paul. It breaks my heart, but Len has sacrificed two years for me to be with my brother. I think it's the right thing for me to return the favor. :) This is going to be interesting to say the least.

I've had 3 eye appointments since January. All three kind of led me to believe that I was neurotic! Not funny. Anyway, the first eye glasses were not real good, so I returned them. Had another eye test. The optometrist told me I have a prism, so he made another pair. I'm still not happy. Went to a different optometrist, and she said the prescription was the same. However, I'm not seeing as well as I should...I KNOW THAT PEOPLE! Anyway, she checked with a blue light practically in my eye, and said I had pseudo exfoliation and made an appointment with an ophthalmologist. I'm thinking this is not good! Anyway, I had my appointment this morning with Dr. Yoon. I have cataracts. OK...I knew there was something amiss. I don't have to have surgery, and I do have an appointment for April 2015. I asked him if I could upgrade to cadillacs. He laughed. :)

That's about the short and sweet of it. Thanks for stopping by.

God bless you. Love ya, loi

March 17, 2014

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!! Hope it's been a good one.

Attended a funeral today. A classmate died on my brother's birthday too. :( My niece Terry and I went out to lunch after the service. I didn't know that you can order things that are no longer on the menu. We ordered Santa Fe Salad at Applebee's. It is/was delicious. If you haven't tried it, just ask. :)

Happened to see Harry's obituary. He was four years older than my brother. I'm surprised they were so close.

Still haven't made any life-changing decisions. Hopefully, we will hear from St. Paul soon, so we can get going either there, or here. Whatever! I'm getting stir crazy! Soon I need to start packing, it's time to get our life going.

Hope things are going good for you. Thanks so much for stopping by. Let me know that you did, OK?

God bless you. Love ya, loi

March 12, 2014

It's been a pretty hectic month. All things considered, we're doing good.

Yesterday would have been my brother's 78th birthday, and one of my favorite cousins passed away. Harry was an amazing man, and he will be missed. When my brother started school the teacher was taking roll, and she came to Leo Schier. Skip didn't answer, because he didn't even know his name was Leo! How funny is that? Harry poked him, and said, "That's you Skip." They were always close, and when I called Harry to let him know that Skip had passed he took it pretty hard. Little did we know that he would be next.

We're still in limbo about the St. Paul job. The board is reviewing our demands as we speak. Hope the answer is in our favor, but Len doesn't really want to take the job, so we probably won't. Oh well...

It's not easy reinventing your life at this age. :) We'll do OK. We've been down that road many times.

Thanks for stopping by. Keep us in your prayers. Love ya, loi

March 4, 2014

The interview went well. If we accept, we will be living at 1181 Edgcumbe Road, St. Paul, MN. We will be care takers of a 17 story building called Wilder Park. It's very nice. I'm excited, but we do have some reservations about being tied down again. Keep us in your prayers.

Otherwise, everything else seems to be falling into place. Saturday will be here soon, but I think we've covered all the bases. At least, I hope so. It's going to be what it's going to be.

Thank you for stopping by. I will try to keep you posted as to what we're doing.

God bless you. Love ya, loi

February 26, 2014

Well, now, if you've been coming by to check my journal. You have discovered that it just disappeared! I called to find out what happened, but they didn't know. Oh well...just another bump in the road. However, it was good history. I'm writing a book, and it's a good thing I keep a journal almost daily. :) Those of you who really know me, know I'm not that consistent!

Tomorrow Len and I have an appointment for an interview in St. Paul for a Caretaker Team position for a community association management firm. We're excited about it. We feel at this point in our lives we have several options. This one looks amazing, and if we get it I'll be one happy camper. Wish us...

Since my brother's passing on the sixth we've been to IL to do work that was contracted several weeks/months ago. We had a super trip. We got together with old friends at our jobs, and visited with our son and his family. So precious to see how the great grands have grown. WOW! We've got another one coming in June. Her name will be Aubree. That is, if Mom and Dad don't change their minds. :)

I'm feeling a little disconnected these days. My brother's Visitation, Memorial Service and Luncheon will be at Zion Lutheran Church in Superior, WI Saturday, March 8. He would have been 78 on the 11th. I'm missing him. He was the last member of the family I grew up in to pass. I'm thanking God that I have such a great husband, and family. It fills that void when I'm feeling fragile. I'm thankful for all the friends who have helped me with the kind words and cards. I don't know what I would do without Skip's family. They have been so supportive and good to me.

Thank you for stopping by. I will be particularly interested to hear if you were actually able to access this journal. Please let me know at: lenandlois40@hotmail.com

God bless you. Love ya, loi